The 7th Letter of an Autonomous Thinker

Penang, January 8 2001

Dear reader, 

The cyberworld can yield new
weapons against the elite.

The most important cyberaction is still the way activists activate each other through the net. An example is the organisation of the international demonstration against globalisation in Seattle. In this way the net is only used to promote a kind of action already known from the past - and I think the effect of demonstrative actions has been disappointing. (see my first Letter, Leftist actions are not effective. A more offensive action is needed.

Hacktivism attacks and destroys sites of institutions that are despicable in the eyes of the hackers. Examples are the invasion of the site of Microsoft or the actions used by both sides in the Israeli-Palestinian war. 

Cyberterrorism can hurt innocent persons. An example is an invasion of the computers of the air controllers through which the safety of air traffic was influenced.

Cyberactions are new actions that use new technology. But up till now most cyberactions are still directed against dead institutions and result only in some political pressure on living persons who are in subordinate positions. Powerful persons who are responsible for the present unsatisfactory situation are hardly touched.

I have never liked demonstrations against the policy of the government that end in a fight between demonstrators and police officers. Then only masspeople will be hurt. Responsible persons are hardly disturbed in their comfortable life and can continue with their policies that are unpleasant for the masses.

I ask cyberactivists to attack directly persons who belong to the elite. Leave the institutions aside and direct yourselves at those members of the elite who are guilty that our crazy world continues to exist.

Yours truly, Joost van Steenis

P.S. Actions in the cyberworld are further analysed in the series Cyberactions. (in Dutch Cyberacties).

Yours truly, Joost van Steenis

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