Where is the eliteworld?
The 71st Letter of an Autonomous Thinker

Amsterdam, May 10 2006

Dear reader,

Everybody should know that a small group of super-rich people that live on the safe and privileged eliteworld (far from our often harsh massworld) takes decisions without and over us. In 1968 Ferdinand Lundberg wrote the book “The rich and the super-rich” (Bantam Books 1968) in which he pinpointed many of the super-rich and also described what they did with the money they had amassed.

But, though it can be interesting to know who the top people of the world are, this knowledge will not transform the world. Therefore human activity is needed. I propose that masspeople invade the eliteworld. Then the elite will be confronted with the “other people”. Decisions should not be taken in favour of a small group of already privileged people but to advance all humanity. See for example my concept of the action method Creative Disturbance, the 19th Chapter of About Violence and Democracy.

The central question is not how many super-rich there are but where they are. Where is the eliteworld and what can masspeople do to unite the massworld with the eliteworld to get the New World on which everyone has equal status.

The eliteworld is an isolated part of our earth where masspeople are not welcome. For example, each year five million children die in the massworld because they do not have enough food to survive. Problems as inadequate food, housing or schooling that can easily be solved only exist in the massworld. They are non-existent in the eliteworld.

But where is the eliteworld?

Let’s assume that most masspeople earn less than 4000 euro a month and that elitepeople have mostly a much higher income. (The amount of 4000 euro is arbitrarily and some masspeople will earn more while some elitepeople temporarily can earn less than this amount). 

When you earn less than 4000 euro per month you cannot afford to stay in 5-star hotels, to travel first class on a plane (or possess your own jet), to have security guards to protect you and your possessions, to buy a car of 200,000 euro or a house of 2.000.000 euro. You cannot become member of a golf club that ask a 100.000 euro a year, to shop in Bangkok when you are living in Europe or to sit on the best places on the Monaco Formula 1 Grand Prix. You cannot afford to pay 500 euro for a diner, 20 euro for a glass of beer or wear clothes that cost 10.000 euro a piece. You are not allowed to enter this elite world when you have not enough money.   

I could lengthen this litany about things elitepeople can and masspeople cannot afford. Many things are exclusively reserved for people with money. Our world looks unified but in some places you see only elitepeople.

Elite- and massworld are separated from each other. Some masspeople are allowed to enter the eliteworld as servants, as a lesser kind of humans that makes the life of elitepeople more comfortable. These masspeople are not considered to be real people. Elitepeople do not have a human conversation with the butler and the rest of the personnel is even more invisible.  

I only give a vague idea where the eliteworld can be found. Maybe later I will give more details but I think that everybody can discover where the eliteworld is. There live the people with power, there decisions are taken. But most actions take place in the massworld as is the case with demonstrations and other actions in front of official buildings (when the top of the elite is never targeted). I call on masspeople to invade those elitist  places they are not allowed to enter. Only then the road to One World for all people will be opened.

Most political analysts concentrate on the question who the elitepeople are that reign over the masses, who the Illuminati are, who the members of the Bilderberg Group are. I concentrate on the reason why they want to be on top of the world. They only want to have the power to remain forever in the agreeable eliteworld that is far from the often not so very nice massworld.
I propagate to invade the eliteworld  in order to confront the elite with the fact that there are more humans on earth than elitepeople. They should be drowned in the sea of masspeople. And because there are more than a hundred masspersons for each eliteperson, it must be possible to get a New World on which all people have equal status.

Yours truly, Joost van Steenis


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