Hoping for a better world
The 72nd Letter of an Autonomous Thinker

Amsterdam, May 24 2006

Dear reader, 

Hope becomes utopian when it is not supported by activities that bring a different future nearer.
The integration of past, present and future makes humans unique.
Without hope on a better future human life becomes meaningless.

One of my readers disagreed with my thesis that once masspeople will become active on a creative and autonomous way to destroy the reason of existence of the elite. He wrote that we can forget this will ever happen and he gave the argument that “during the German occupation only 0,6 % of all Dutch 'masspeople' committed active Resistance”.


I do not agree because the 0.6% was the number of people that was registered to have taken part in the Resistance. This part was controlled by the Dutch government in asylum in England (on a safe and prosperous world far from the world of masspeople that was occupied by the Germans). Many more masspeople were individually active against the Occupation.


Members of the Resistance acting under the control of the elitist England-based government were often deceived. The government sent people to Holland to support the Resistance. Some of these people were arrested and gave information about the Dutch Resistance to the Germans (the so-called Englandspiel). As a result many masspeople were executed. An indication that masspeople should never be involved in struggles between different parts of the elite.


The elite was not interested in deaths of masspeople because it was working on its future after the Occupation. The old elite indeed succeeded to be on top after the Occupation because no direct actions against foreign elites were allowed. All elites (even the ugly ones) must be protected against attacks from masspeople. The elite knows there is a future after the present and it has integrated the future of the eliteworld in present-day activities.


Masspeople hardly use the future in their present-day activities. They concentrate on short-term goals. That must change and that can change.

I propose methods by which masspeople can become autonomous active on the time, the place and the creative way they choose. These activities must as well improve the present life in the massworld as promote the possibility for a New World without any elite (by invading the eliteworld).


This idea differs from utopian pacifistic ideas that wars will end when masspeople do not become soldier. On this way only masspeople are restricted and the eliteworld is not touched. It does not attack the power structure, the basic reason why humanity lives on two separated worlds, an eliteworld and a massworld.


Activities of masspeople should contain two elements, the improvement of the own position and the undermining of the eliteworld. Most political groups are only reacting on what the elite is doing. For example they never will ask for a same rise in income for workers and CEO’S. Actions that do not undermine the power of elitepeople to have it always better than masspeople are more or less tolerated in our countries. .

A New World in which all people have equal status can only be reached when activities of masspeople contribute at the same time to the improvement of the present life as to the building of a future world.



When I was writing this article, I got an e-mail titled “Reflections on the Uprising in France(http://www.bopsecrets.org/recent/france2006.htm). Interesting is the part that starts with “Some radicals……” in which the goals of active masspeople are questioned.

I do agree that many masspeople are fed up with our kind of society (one of my pre-conditions for a fundamental change) but the methods they are using are inadequate. They try to triumph in the streets but they do not attack the power structure that gives the elite its advantages.

I agree that many actions were creative and autonomous (not top-down organised) but I miss any idea about a future society. I miss actions that belong to a society in which all people have equal status.

The short list of actions does not contain any action against powerful elitepeople. Living on the eliteworld elitepeople are hardly bothered with what happens on the massworld.

I am not that positive about this Uprising. It repeats what happened during uprisings in the past when the power of the elite was never challenged. Before and after the action period the same leaders dominated society (in the first place for their own benefit). That will also happen in France and therefore something fundamental was missing in the Uprising.


Yours truly, Joost van Steenis


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