There are two worlds
The 73rd Letter of an Autonomous Thinker

Amsterdam, June 6 2006

Dear reader, 

I always hammer on the gap between elite- and massworld. It is the most important factor in human power relations. To make it clearer where to look for the eliteworld I will say something about some places in our world where the majority of masspeople are at best present as servants.
Some masspeople (mostly living in the rich Western World) profit from this partition but most masspeople have no access to many services that are human and normal. 

Education: They say that India is economically booming but about half of the population is illiterate.
: Millions of masspeople do not have access to enough food to have a chance to become eighty years old as is normal in rich countries
Health care
: Only one in five AIDS-patients has access to the medicinal treatment that is normal for Western HIV patients.
I could go on but everyone knows examples of the great differences in the world.  

Just as the eliteworld is not a geographical entity,  special places in the massworld are reserved for richer masspeople. 

About the intertwining of mass- and eliteworld I gave some examples in my Letter Where is the eliteworld?. You hardly find masspeople in first class compartments in planes or in luxurious beds in five stars hotels.

I wonder why masspeople accept that some humans reserve part of our beautiful world for themselves. In our world many people find that elitepeople have the right on apart places. But I see not much difference with the South-African Apartheid (a Dutch word by the way) where many places were reserved for white people.
One of the means to get reserved places is the advancing privatisation. Money is the leading reason to make an excellent hospital and not the need of all people for adequate medical services.

Some masspeople seem to have a higher status and get therefore better medical attention. In a relatively poor country as Thailand the Bumrungrad Hospital is leading a growing list of private hospitals in Bangkok. In 2005 it attracted 400.000 international patients. You may guess how many poor Thais were treated. This medical enclave in a Third World country is reserved for the well-to-do of other countries. Not only Westerns but also rich Arabs. These people went in the past to the USA for medical treatment but after 9-11 the attendance in Bangkok grew from 5000 prior to this incident to 70.000 in 2005.  

For Arabs it is fairly difficult to enter the USA. The USA advocates freedom and democracy but is building a system to control even the smallest details of the life of common people (and foreigners are treated different than nationals).  
The system to control people that existed in the Soviet-Union is being refined in the USA. It has become a super Soviet State with more people in prison than in the Russian Gulag (see my Sixth Letter: "Too many prisoners")

The rich live in a different world. They have possibilities to avoid the controls. It is always the common citizen that is targeted. The richer people have sanctuaries where they can live their prosperous, safe and uncontrolled life.
Those areas should be invaded by masspeople.

Yours, truly, Joost van Steenis


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