What is the result of the last war?
The 76th Letter of an Autonomous Thinker

Amsterdam, December 12 2005

Dear reader, 

Thousands of masspeople killed or wounded.
Much more on the weaker side (Lebanon) then on the stronger side (Israel).

But on the topside, the leaders, the elite, did not have any casualties.

That is the result of all wars.
Leaders play their games and the masses suffer. 

Leaders never attack leaders on the other side because then their own life could be endangered.
That is true in Afghanistan, in Iraq, in the so-called terrorist wars and also in this last war between the Israeli army and who? The idea that a few thousands people with primitive weapons like the Stalin organs could be a danger for Israel is preposterous.
In the attack on the World Trade Centre in New York the American elite was not hurt.
And on the other side, Bin Laden and mullah Omar are also still alive though many Afghan masspeople (most of them not militants but ordinary citizens) have been killed by Western forces.
Of course sometimes someone form the top can be hurt accidentally but normally a thousand (or more) masspeople will die before one leader is hurt.

Why should masspeople believe leaders who propagate that the life of masspeople is at stake when they are not fighting the enemy. The only real enemy is the elite.

The conflict between Israelis and Arabs that live on the same space called Palestine does not come nearer to a solution when masspeople are dying in senseless wars. The elite will continue to look for better weapons that will kill even more masspeople.
The Israeli elite wants cluster bombs, designed to kill living masspeople and leave dead buildings and other infrastructure in tact.
The Arab elite wants heavier rockets to hit all Israeli towns to cause more dead masspeople than is possible with the primitive Katyushas that only carry a few kilos of explosive material.

Leaders are safe in their bunkers.
Leaders will continue to look for heavier weapons.
Leaders will continue to play their war games.

Change is only possible when masspeople wake up, when they realise that only their kind are the victims and that the real culprits are the elitist leaders.
Then and only then they maybe get the idea that they have to attack the elite that causes that only masspeople are dying in uncalled for wars.
Then and only then masspeople have the possibility to open the road to a world without any elite in which all people will have the same status. 

Yours truly, Joost van Steenis


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