Why should you ever believe anything anymore
The 77th Letter of an Autonomous Thinker

Amsterdam, September 13 2006

Dear reader, 

In my  22nd Letter  I wrote that you should not believe anything that the elite says. The elite tells fairy tales as was the case with the secret CIA concentration camps and with the reasons to invade Iraq. All these lies are accepted by fellow-leaders.
Because all what elitepersons are saying has the purpose to preserve and improve the already prosperous world of privileged elitepeople.

Not only Bush, Rice or Cheney are lying. Leading people in other countries repeat the lies of Bush cs and the media obediently publish the lies even when editors know it is not the truth.
The international laws that were made to protect masspeople from the horrors of a war are only used in regard to elitepeople. Concerning masspeople the international laws are flagrantly violated by the same elitepeople that made the laws.
Why should you ever believe that elitepeople are thinking about the misery of masspeople when they make laws?
Indeed, why should you ever believe anything elitepeople are saying, they may speak the truth but they also maybe lying.

Take the Afghan War.
The same lies that were used during the Vietnam War are now used to describe what happens in the Afghan War (and the Iraq War).
Then it was said that scores of Viet Congs were killed but the Tet Offensive proved that most of the killed Viet Congs were very much alive.
Now many Taleban are reported to have been killed, that the Afghan government get more control over the country and that democracy is spreading in tribal Afghanistan.  But it is not possible to deny that the opium production is thriving. (By the way who get most money from this opium?).
I think that most so-called Afghan insurgents that are reported to be killed are just ordinary citizens. Once the Taleban soldiers may also suddenly attack en masse the Western occupiers.
The Americans left Vietnam and the “enemy” is still ruling the country.
Maybe history will repeat itself when the Western forces will leave Afghanistan and a Taleban-like regime will take control over Afghanistan.

We masspeople will never know what is going to happen because we do not get the facts. The elite is at least bending the truth in its favour, not only in regard of Afghanistan or Iraq but in regard to all subjects.
All what is said is inspired by the guiding idea that everything must defend, improve and favour the eliteworld.  

My dear readers, do not believe anything what the elite is telling you, you cannot distinguish what is right or wrong. Draw your own conclusions and do not even discuss what leaders are saying, you do not know if the facts in the media are right or wrong. Try to combat the existence of any elite. That is not possible by discussing mistakes and lies of the elite. That is only possible by autonomous actions that are not influenced by any lies of the elite.

For example, about 9-11 the only fact I know is that the Twin Towers crumbled. To talk about the question who caused the attack is a waste of time, use your energy to combat what happened after 9-11, to combat the ever increasing elitist control of masspeople.
1984 is closer than you think!

Yours truly, Joost van Steenis


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