The West must leave Iraq
The 79th Letter of an Autonomous Thinker

Amsterdam, November 6 2006

Dear reader, 

In the 16th century the Spanish Empire crumbled away. The former Spanish colonies and protectorates had to find their own way to the future because there was no super-power in Europe. After four hundred years, in which many wars were fought and many people were killed, there are some signs that a new kind of world is coming into existence.

In this period some Western nations found the time to colonise the Rest of the World. In this part of the world independent development stopped because people had to listen to the European Powers and in the last fifty years to the United States.

Now the Western superpowers tell the people in the Rest of the World that they have to become democratic, that they have to export their oil, that they have to respect the frontiers that were drawn by the European superpowers. Any independent development is disturbed by the dominating influence of the West that does not give the Rest of the World the possibility to find their own way.

Why should Iraqis, Iranians, North Koreans and all other people in the Rest of the World not have the right to develop themselves, why must they behave as Western leaders dictate, Western leaders that in the last century caused two devastating World Wars in which a tens of millions of people were slaughtered.

The Rest of the World should have the same right as we Europeans. Fight for a few hundred years, kill many people and then emerge from this misery in a new way with a renewed consciousness.

The West should leave Iraq, Afghanistan, the Congo and all those other places where so-called Western-controlled peace-troops prevent any development.
I propose to let the Rest of the World alone for a few centuries and only then this part of the world can improve. Now the superpowers have a chilling effect, development is stagnating and the hatred between people is growing. (And by the way even under the patronage of the West millions of people are being killed by seemingly everlasting wars, illnesses and hunger). In the four hundred years Europeans has been fighting each other this hatred somewhat disappeared.

But these philosophical thoughts are worthless without a practical way to break through the present dilemma that a small part of the world reigns over the biggest part.

I propose that we Western masspeople attack the own leaders who want to continue to rule the Rest of the World, who are sending troops to these parts to discipline the people, who are extracting raw materials and using cheap labour that are crucial for our living standard. And all this under the disguise that only they can make the Rest of the World better. Colonial times have proved that improvement never can be achieved by foreign powers that more or less invade other countries.

When you realise that people and not systems block the development of the Rest of the World it is clear that a solution can only come forward when these elitepeople are pressurised. They impede the development to a free society on which also the people in the Third World have a right.
But only Western Masspeople can develop activities that will bring about that Western elitepeople cannot continue to live in their prosperous, secluded and safe eliteworld.

Yours truly, Joost van Steenis


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