Eliteworld in India
The 85th Letter of an Autonomous Thinker

Amsterdam, May 1 2007

Dear reader,
"The newly-rich middle class is retreating rapidly in its own private world of private schools, private transport, private water and private electricity" (Hindustan Times April 13 2007).
Those people "who live in a world of air-conditioned offices and state-of-the-art-gadgetry" are different from masspeople "who belong to the world of the second-class train traveller, the two-km trek to a school and the long queues for water."
The highest Indian elite lives an even more exclusive life. In a developing country like India elite- and massworld can be clearly distinguished. But also the Western world is divided in two parts, a safe and prosperous eliteworld and an often harsh massworld.

When masspeople acknowledge that there are two worlds, their political activity will change. So-called democratic actions (including elections) improve the life of masspeople only a little while the big differences between elite and masses continue to exist. They will more and more use Direct Action against those elitepersons who regulate the subordination of the majority of humans that live in the massworld.
The first and most important goal of the leading elite is the preservation of the private and superior eliteworld. What happens to the masses is of minor importance. The elitist goal can be made less attractive when the superior eliteworld becomes less attractive, when elitepersons realise they cannot anymore live the comfortable life they lived before. Therefore actions should not be carried out in the working sphere of leaders but in their living sphere.
Democracy only has influence in the massworld. The elite escapes any democratic regulations in its own world with its own schools, houses, electricity, water, art, hotels, transport, holiday places etc.
By invading the eliteworld masspeople can bring the situation nearer in which elitepeople cannot live anymore in an exclusive, separate and prosperous eliteworld.
Then the road is open to a united world, a New World in which all people will have equal status, a New World in which all people will have the same power.
Yours truly, Joost van Steenis


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