Down with any elite!
The 86th Letter of an Autonomous Thinker

Amsterdam, May 20 2007

Dear reader,
In a New World all people will have equal status.
In our Old World the most powerful people, the elite, do not agree with this human demand. They live in a safe and prosperous eliteworld that differs immensely from the often harsh massworld where the vast majority of humans live. 

You cannot expect that the massworld will fundamentally change when elitepeople at the highest level demand an elevated status for themselves.

The first and foremost goal of elitepeople is the preservation and the improvement of the own world. Maybe the massworld will also improve but that is only a matter of secondary importance. It is never a preconceived idea to improve the massworld at the cost of the situation in the eliteworld (though some elitepeople seem more friendly in regard to masspeople than others).

All unequal relations in our world are a consequence of the fundamental and dominating inequality between elite and mass.
I analysed this inequality for example in the Letters numbered 3, 9, 24, 35, 37, 51, 56, 57 58, 68, 74 and 85.  

When the most important inequality is not reduced and annihilated, all efforts to improve the position of the masses will be idle. Leftists or populists have sometimes some positive result but in the long term the world does not change.

To get a world in which all people have equal status new ideas must replace old political ideas. Actions that do not directly influence the life of elitepeople should abandoned. Elections, trade-unions, petitions, demonstrations, fighting with the police etceteras only affirm the position of the elite.
On the road to a New World the masses should act in such a way that new elites will never rise again. When the most important inequality in the world the inequality between elite and masses has disappeared other inequalities will also vanish.

 I described some actions against elitepeople in my book The Power of an Autonomous Human. Elitepersons were forced to give attention to arguments of mostly unknown masspeople. 

This political struggle has two sides.
The elite
must realise they cannot live anymore in the secluded and superior eliteworld.
The masses
must realise they have the power to implement point one. Then they will realise they do not want to live anymore in a massworld that is inferior and subordinated to an eliteworld.  

Actions should be carried out in the private living sphere of elitepeople instead of in and around their working place. The pressure and the harassment in the private living sphere makes the eliteworld less nice to live in. These peaceful actions penetrate in the brain of elitepersons and change their behaviour. Elitepeople will become more conscious of the human assumption that all people should have equal status.

Masspeople can become active in an individual and creative manner on the place, the time and the way they choose and against a leader they select.
They will not anymore be dependent on what others, especially leaders of mass organisations, dictate.
In this way the consciousness, the autonomy and the individuality of masspeople will increase because they perceive they have the power to change the world. 

My site is dedicated to this kind of actions that fundamentally differ from the present actions of leftist, populist of rightist mass organisations.
Direct Action
will take the place of democratic elections in which masspeople transfer their power to representatives who in the first place listen to the directives of the still higher eliteworld.  

To replace the Old World by a New World in which all people will have equal status masspeople must invade the superior eliteworld in order to create One World for all humans.

Yours truly, Joost van Steenis


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