Live Earth is not the way!
The 89th Letter of an Autonomous Thinker

Amsterdam, July 25 2005

Dear reader, 

Superficially Al Gore activated hundreds of thousands people for Live Earth.
But was Al Gore, who uses more energy than a single Chinese village, also saving the earth when he was vice-president?
Of course not and he still does not want to save the earth.

Only one week after Live Earth, Gore gave his guests Chilean sea bass (the Patagonian toothfish), one of the world's most threatened fish species.
members of the American establishment are never green..
The American elite (including Al Gore) enriches itself shamelessly and it perceives that some masspeople do not agree with the way the world is organised. It cannot be justified that a few people are very rich, a few more have a decent life and the majority is living on the edge of existence. And a billion or more have to live on next to nothing.

The elite wants to maintain its advantageous position. Opposition against its privileges and its surplus of power should be minimised.  

Therefore Al Gore brings a plausible idea forward that diverts masspeople from more important subjects as the distribution of wealth, the creation of one world in which all people have the same status or the disappearance of powerful groups that cause much of the world’s misery.  

Be aware when people with private jets, houses like castles and an excessive spending drift suddenly start to propagate a Green Earth.
These well-to-do people urge masspeople to buy energy-consuming products, sabotage production of low-energy cars or wage wars in Iraq that costs a lot of energy (and the lives of many masspeople).
Elitepeople only use their power to prevent that masspeople create a better world. 

The energy and CO2 problems are caused by the elitist system by which we are ruled. The elite gets much of their money by selling masspeople products that have to be renewed and replaced. Their love of money, the idea that money rules the world, is in contradiction to the idea of a Live Earth. The concentration of power in the hands of a small elite is the basic reason why our earth is dying.

The Dying Earth is the direct consequence of wrong power relations.
People who possess most power should stand central in any activity of masspeople. Only when power relations change, Live Earth can exist.
The greatest benefactors of a Dying Earth are elitepeople like Al Gore. 

You should fight for different power relations. Then green energy can become a focus-point in the decision-making process. But the elite refuses to turn green. It produces still more energy  for still more money in their pockets. Do you think that Gore wants to change that with the help of music? Don’t make me laugh. 

Al Gore should not be trusted, he is one of the elitepersons that rule the world. All his activities are guided by the golden elitist rule that its Power, Privileges and Prosperity must be protected and expanded regardless what happens to masspeople or to the Earth. 

Concentrate on power relations and on people who possess a surplus of power because Live Earth will remain an illusion when power relations do not change.

Yours truly, Joost van Steenis


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