Who caused BSE?
The 9th Letter of an Autonomous Thinker

Sarawak, February 25 2001

Dear reader, 

Slowly but deadly BSE is spreading throughout the world. It originated in England, then spread to Western-Europe and now cases of the mad cow disease are already seen in South-Korea and Thailand.

The masses can only protect themselves from this illness by abstaining from eating any cow meat.

It is certain that the growing dispersion of this illness is promoted by humans. But up till now not one higher-placed person is punished though many are guilty. The English authorities because they covered the facts and waited too long to take the right decisions. The European leaders because they still allowed English cow meat to enter the Common Market. And even the Thai leaders because they only banned European meat in 2000 while they already knew about the problem for several years. The last leaders are however somewhat forgiven because the leaders of the European Market exert a tremendous pressure on third countries not to ban their cow meat.

In our society leading persons are hardly punished when something has gone wrong. Fines are given to concerns, to factories, to institutions but dead things can never make mistakes. It are always humans who act wrong, but persons who have made mistakes are nearly always allowed to go on in the same way.

The whole BSE-affair is characteristic for the behaviour of leaders. They cheat, lie, cover up facts and resort to many other tricks to hide the fact they are in the first place responsible for the damage caused by their incorrect behaviour. Mainly because those leading persons only think about the interest of the masses when the interest of the elite is guaranteed.
There exists a simple reason for this behaviour. The pressure from other members of the elite - for example those members who have vast interests in the meat industry - is far greater than the pressure of masspeople who only want to eat safe food. It should be right when people should exert more pressure on higher-placed persons.

One of the means to increase people's pressure can be the founding of Autonomous Clubs as I have described in the first chapter about Jean Paul Marat of my book "The Power of the Autonomous Human".

Yours truly, Joost van Steenis

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