The wrong kind of action
The 90th Letter of an Autonomous Thinker

Amsterdam, August 15 2007

Dear reader, 

In actions you have to abide by a few simple common sense rules, I give only six.

1.      Stay out of prison
Do not overestimate yourself
Behave like a fish in the water (Mao)
Aim to change the mind of leading people
Do not destroy insured things
Do hardly send messages to the media 

These simple rules were violated by the German Militante Gruppe (Militant Group), a leftist organisations that (according to the police) carried out 16 violent attacks since 2001. In July 2007 four members of the Group were arrested, they violated rule one and they cannot be active anymore.

They are accused to have put fire to a court house, a police office, a living quarter of the German police and offices of employers organisations. They were apprehended when they put fire to some trucks of the German Army. They violated rule five, do not destroy targets that are insured and can be replaced. It is a small nuisance but this kind of actions does not change the minds of leaders. They accept it as part of their job. And remember, THE LEADING ELITE HAS ONLY ONE JOB: TO SAFEGUARD AND EXTENT ITS PRIVILEGED, PROSPEROUS AND SAFE ELITEWORLD.  

The list of targets makes clear that the group violated rule two, do not overestimate yourself. One small group cannot change the world. You are a tiny flea in the sea of six billion fleas and when you sting once an opponent and than sting another opponent, these people will shrug off the attacks and continue their activities. Concentrate your attacks, thousands of fleabites are worse than one bite from a tiger. See my 32nd Letter about The War of the Flea

In its first action the Group sent letters containing small bullets to several members of the German elite. But they violated rule six by informing the media of their deed. They overestimated themselves (rule two) because they thought that one action could rock the world. Later actions targeted insured possessions and workplaces of the elite (rule five).

I do agree with the idea of the members of the Group that something has to be done to change our society. The disproportionate differences between elite and masses is not human. But action must know a certain success by forcing some members of the elite to take different decisions. That actions are recorded in the press has nothing to do with success (rule six).  

The Group tried to comply with rule one and rule three by living a normal live with normal jobs. They did not vanish in the underground world as the RAF, the Rote Armee Fraktion, the German Red Army of the seventies. But they should have learned something of those anonymous activists who in Berlin are putting fire to expensive cars. These activists do not inform the media but their actions are nevertheless recorded on the site http://www.brennende-autos.de. This year 82 cars have been destroyed. (Brennende Autos means Burning Cars). 

The Group neglected also rule four. This rule is of the utmost importance. It should be imperative to penetrate into the mind of elitepersons so these people will realise that is not anymore possible to live the privileged life they have lived for eons. And when a small group of activists force only one member of the elite to change her or his life then the influence will be much greater than a few destroyed cars, buildings or even houses. When many small groups come into existence (many fleas that bite elitepeople) than the possibility will arise that a New World will come into being.  

But without a clear goal (disturbing the privileged life of  the elite) and without actions that minimise the chance that rule one will be broken, a New World will remain remote. Within the boundaries of the elitist democratic laws (or just outside these boundaries) there are many possibilities to be successfully active for the purpose I described above.  

Yours truly, Joost van Steenis


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