Burka or Grey Suit
The 91st Letter of an Autonomous Thinker

Amsterdam, September 13 2007

Dear reader, 

Of course I dislike burka’s.
Of course burka’s restrict the freedom of women.
Of course burka’s place women in a different position as men.
Of course burka’s separate the human world.
And of course man made the rule that women are forced to wear certain clothes, rules based on books written in a time very much different from the present era..

But the problem of burka’s is not the most important problem in the world.
Such rules are in the first place implemented in those parts of the world that have not yet acquired an equal place in human society. The domination of the Western world (and Western made rules) forced some people in some parts of the world to look for other ways to get an own identity. Alas, they fall back on ancient rules. And the past was often very harsh on masspeople.
Burka’s and other symbols are a nuisance. Not only words are important in human contact but also body language and facial expressions. Burka’s and other clothes that conceal important parts of the body restrict human contact and introduce useless separations in human society.

But the burka problem is a problem inside the massworld, it does not touch the most important separation in our society, the separation between elite and mass.
Powerful people have their own burka’s, their own rules to which they have to abide. The Grey Suit also hides the individual identity of decision makers just as well as the Burka hides women.
The Grey Suit has just as the burka the intention to strengthen the bond between the members of the group. The Grey Suit is omnipresent in meetings of leaders. And the servants of the leaders are also dressed in a kind of uniform, the Grey Suit.

When you look at the world with the eyes of someone who loves freedom and individuality, it is strange to see photographs of meetings of mostly male leaders. They are all dressed in the same way, they are Grey People in Grey Suits. Those leaders are not allowed to be individuals that have their own ideas. Those copies of each other express the ideas of the group, or even worse the ideas of the often invisible higher leaders. Individuality must be suppressed, the members of the group must not express opinions that are not approved by the leadership.

When you are annoyed by burka’s than be even more annoyed by the Grey Suit. Direct your wrath not against the burka but against the more important concealing clothes, the Grey Suits. Only when the elite at the top of the world has to abandon the Grey Suit Burka, then the rest of the population will feel free to abandon burka’s. Then they will not obey any longer rules that restrict their individuality, rules that make them part of a group and thus less human. Humans are not ants that put the interest of the group above their own interest.

 How powerful people behave in order to keep and increase their power should be the object of your activities. Not what powerless masspeople at the underside of society do. Their problems can only be solved when the separation between top and basis, between elite and masses is solved.
That demands that all political activity should be directed against the top. Then people at the basis will change.

Yours truly, Joost van Steenis


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92. Do not react, act autonomously!
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