The hoax called democracy
The 94th Letter of an Autonomous Thinker

Pnhom Penh December 11 2007

Dear reader,

The gap between the incomes of the masses and the happy few at the top is increasing.
Democracy has no answer to the human demand that all people should have equal status.

The greed of the elite is immense.
In young democracies corruption seems to be the most important method to fill the pockets of the already rich and privileged.
According to the Corruption Perception Index the least corruption is found in old Western democracies where democracy has become a legal instrument to channel vast amounts of money to the happy few at the top.
The boss of Citigroup Inc. was awarded with hundred million dollar after he resigned because he was responsible for huge losses caused by the sub-prime crisis.
The CEO of ABNAMRO Bank got thirty million euro after he bungled in the selling of the bank.
A former Dutch prime minister tripled his salary when he became director of a semi-governmental health organisation.
This legal corruption is not included in Corruption Indices.

The greedy grabbers are supported by politicians who are also looking for the Big Money.
Clinton and Blair were well paid as political leaders. Now they have entered the world of the rich. The knowledge, experience and notoriety acquired in a public function is being used for their own benefit. Clinton got two hundred thousand euro for a single lecture, Blair gets millions for writing books about what he did when he was prime-minister. But for that work they were already very well paid in their political jobs.

Just as in the Third World many Western politicians are waiting for the chance to get more money. In contrast to the Third World they make laws that legalise the fulfillment of their greed.

Democracy cannot stop these greedy people.
I never vote, I am against democracy that brings politicians in a powerful position in which they legally enrich themselves and other elitist sectors of society.
The system of elections, the voting in power of greedy people, does not stop the increasing gap between the haves and the have-nots.

It is said that corruption in the Third World is caused by unaccountability, by the fact that the system does not have enough possibilities to control leaders.
In the West is proven that leaders can openly and legally use the democratic system for their own benefit. Any system based on elections only restricts the possibilities of masspeople to control (the greed of) leaders.
Democracy is in the first place introduced to control masspeople who are only allowed to transfer once in a while their voting power to elected people who then decide OVER and not WITH masspeople.
All political action of masspeople can now only take place on the time, the place and the way leaders decide. The people remain dependant.

How can masspeople stop the increasing flow of money to the small group of people at the top?

New direct methods of control have to be introduced that force leaders to behave decently, methods that cannot be controlled by the very people against whom actions are undertaken.

My proposition is simple.
Humanity lives on two worlds, the eliteworld for the happy few and the often harsh massworld for the vast majority.
Now all actions take place in the massworld.
I propose to invade the eliteworld so elitepeople cannot anymore continue to live their egoistic and privileged way of living.
In this process masspeople will acquire a new self-esteem and a New World will come nearer.
Any time spent on elections, even the simple entering of ballot boxes, is wasted time.
Democracy is a hoax, it does not lead to a world in where all people have equal status.

Yours truly, Joost van Steenis


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