Corruption, the only way to get rich
The 98th Letter of an Autonomous Thinker

Amsterdam, April 25 2008

Dear reader,

This is one of my last Letters. My friend Leo Rebello advised me to write a New Book – after nearly hundred Letters. An excellent idea.
Maybe I call it: Why shouldn’t We Change the World? with the subtitle Why shouldn’t We start a New Era?
I will send you separate chapters for your comments.

In a New World corruption will not exist anymore, just as the ten million kids who now die each year before they have reached the age of five will then live. When the elite gets too much money it cannot be spent on clean water for all people.

The essence of our elitist society is to get more for the already privileged.
Elitepersons use their power to get a vast surplus of money. That is CORRUPTION.

In the Developing World corruption goes from small policemen who get money so people do not have to pay a fine to politicians who amass fortunes by bending the laws in their favour.
In the West
corruption is institutionalised. Powerful people get legally much more money than common citizens.

A former Dutch MP got $ 250000 to rent a flat in New York though she was paid lavishly for her post at the UNDP which is instrumental to reach the “Millennium Development Goals”. The goal to halve poverty by 2015 will not be reached partly because of the money spent on high salaries, humvees for the NGO’s or planes to bring politicians to poor regions.
How ever can a decent-minded person propose a goal that only halves poverty in fifteen years? What about the other half, what about the new poor because of the food crisis? 

But 250000 dollar is nothing compared with the salaries and bonuses in the industry and in the financial world, the media world, the sport or the advertising business. Or by misuse of  monopolistic positions (as Bill Gates is doing see my third Letter). Or by the cooperation up between the upper- underworld especially in drugs that generate a lot of money.

Corruption, more money because of more power, is everywhere.
President Clinton earned about 350000 dollar a year plus extras. As president he got a lot of specific knowledge. When a worker in a research department invents something, the patent is mostly owned by the organisation that pays him. The intellectual property of Clinton should be owned by the People. By using this knowledge Clinton gave lectures and wrote a biography that brought him a hundred million dollars. And those who pay Clinton 100000 dollar for a single  lecture do not pay it from their own pocket. They have the power to use public money to pay an outrageous sum to someone as Clinton.   The distribution of money in the world is ridiculous. Some get millions, others cannot even eat three meals a day. The top one percent earners in the USA get 21 percent of the total income in the States and the lowest 50 percent earners only 13 percent.

Institutionalised corruption, the use of power to get more money for the privileged group, has been very well organised by the elite.

Everybody should have the same status, should have the same chances on a decent life, should not be allowed to earn more for the same effort. The so-called democratic system that allows a small group of powerful people to get much more than the rest is inhuman and should be abandoned.

To eradicate corruption other political ideas are needed.
Trade Unions want more money for their members. The figures prove that this fails, the income of the elite rises faster than that of the workers.
Political Parties want more power
to stop the greed at the top. This fails also because politics and laws have hardly any influence on legalised corruption.
have the Power to get more Money. Elitepersons are the binding factor in this concept but also the weakest factor. When these powerful and privileged people are put under pressure, the concept will collapse and we can get a New World – one of the goals of my New Book.

Revolutions and wars have never prevented that elites still reign the world for their own benefit.
Something different is needed.
Then We can indeed Change the World! 

Yours truly, Joost van Steenis


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