The elite is not a conspiracy
The 99th Letter of an Autonomous Thinker

Amsterdam, May 20 2008

Dear reader,

In writing my new book, "From Chaos to Change, Entering a New Era" some questions arose concerning the elite.

David J. Rothkopf just wrote an inside book: "The Global Power Elite and the World They Are Making".
"This book written by a leading globalist luminary provides a blueprint for how 6000 elitists plan to completely end national sovereignty, impose a system of global governance, and how they will deal with an international network of people that resist their agenda".

This description fails on three points.
ONE. The elite is much bigger than 6000 people.
TWO. The end of national sovereignty is at the most a by-product of elitist globalisation.
THREE. The elite does not care about the network of anti-globalists.

3. The anti-globalists are a nuisance but it is too much honour to say that top-leaders are concerned about their activities, Al Qaeda is more threatening.
2. The elite is globalising so they need a global government. But everything remains subordinate to the ultimate goal of the elite to preserve and extend its already privileged and prosperous world.
1. The elite is much more than the few thousand mostly male white Westerns in the executive power, that is like the stick of a policeman, an instrument to maintain elitist law and order.
In my Letters Who belongs to the elite?, The elite is very old, Where is the eliteworld? There are two worlds or The growth of an elite I use the Three F's Method to determine who belongs to the elite.
For real power you need a high FUNCTION to take decisions, a lot of FINANCE (capital) and a network of FAMILY members and very close elitist friends that have also important functions and a lot of capital.Elitepeople are mostly born in the elite. New members are only accepted when they comply with the elitist principles. Only their offspring may become full elitepersons. Just as the children of the robber barons from the past became full elitepersons in later days.

The first dominating and motivating principle newcomers have to accept is that the elite was, is and shall be and that the elite must have always more than anyone else.
This philosophical driving force is implemented by the elitist executive power. Most people in this power are well paid servants as Clinton and Kissinger but there are also elitepersons as Bush and Rockefeller. These powerful persons never take decisions without consulting more powerful elitepeople in the centre of the eliteworld who have special connections through their family-network and their financial surplus. Power is not restricted to functions, that are only needed to carry out decisions that are taken elsewhere.

In the background is the legislative power that safeguards the principles that give the elite its dominating power. There is decided if the war in Iraq is important for the own position, if an Allende should be replaced by a servant as Pinochet, if oil must be replaced by environmental friendly energy sources, etceteras.

The legislative power is much bigger and more powerful than the executive power, it comprises all elitepersons, all persons that live in the privileged and prosperous eliteworld where they are born. Many of these people have no obvious power position but they have influence, especially as they hammer on the principles that guarantee the continued existence of the eliteworld.

Belonging to the elite demands a special way of living and a special way of thinking, focused on the simple elitist principle that elitepersons are more important than other people. The slavery system was typically elitist as was the abolition when former slaves were needed to perform more complicated tasks than the picking of cotton in the American South. The Northern elite had the same distance to the freed slaves as the Southern landowners to the black slaves. You use them and when they cannot be used anymore you throw them away.

The book of Rothkopf emphasizes the wrong people without considering why these people take certain decisions. Rothkopf (and many leftists) look at the wrong place.
The ultimate elitist power is in the centre of the eliteworld and not on the border between elite- and massworld where the executive power reigns over the massworld.

A fourth problem is the conspiracy syndrome in which an elitist closed group is deceiving the People.
According to my Oxford Dictionary it can never be a conspiracy because to conspire is "to combine privily for unlawful purposes". The executive power has made such laws that they can lawfully do what they are doing. (And only non-elitist clowns as Nixon disregard those laws).

Leading bodies of all organisations make plans. The elitist executive power is only implementing principles that are lurking in the background. I agree with Rothkopf that the elite is a "loose combination" of some influential people. Not secret, no conspiracy, just the way it works when powerful people are not being pressurised by the people over whom they reign.

This book is just a study about how and from what material the stick of the policeman is made and neglects elitepeople in the centre of the eliteworld.
These powerful elitepeople are educated with the help of a silver spoon with the idea that their world must be preserved and improved. It must always remain better than the massworld.

The ultimate goal of my New Book is to break the power of this elite.
I will elaborate the ideas in this Letter in that book as one of the arguments why and how the power of the elite can be broken.
Because We have to Change our World!

Yours truly, Joost van Steenis


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