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Most of these excel addins are without password protection, so vba code can be viewed.

TranslateIT (formerly:MultiLingual Formula Translator )


Download TranslateIT here..
Version 3 Build Aug 8th, 2005 (Excel 97+)

Translate complete formulas between 12 excel languages (English, Dutch, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish and Russian).
Can be very useful in multilanguage environments or when you read the english excel newsgroups, and happen to own a localized Excel version.

Version 3.
ADDED a routine to "localize" Analysis Toolpak functions from a "foreign" file to local language.
parsing changed to use RegEx.

Build Aug 8: fixed bug. Function preceded by a colon not properly recognized.
Build Aug 4: changed handling for Relative References + minor stuff
Build Jul 31: changed ATPrepair: refined the search replace routine.


Ingrid, Maurizio, Isidoro, Misange, Popi, Norbert, Michael, Philipp, Okki, Olav, Kim, Dan, Eric. Special thanks to Ingrid for invaluable support in the alpha stages.

Name Edit


Download Name Edit here..
Version1 Build 030721 (Excel 2000+)

Allows editing, copying and renaming of defined names with automatic update of all
cell formulas, validations, formatconditions and pivottables using those names.

It's a BETA and under current development. Save your work before using it, and please report bugs to me. Check this page regularly for fresh builds.

Contributions: Jan Karel Pieterse for his patience with beta testing.



Download FaceIT here..

Version1 Build 031019 (Excel 97+ , but fully functional for Excel2002+)

Excel XP and Excel2003 have a new way of handling HiRes toolbar pictures and transparency masks. FaceIT is a commandbar that allows you to browse all builtin FaceIDs(xl97+) and extract, copy, save and merge the Picture and Mask bitmaps (xl2002+).

If you want to see the first 4400 FaceID's this brings you to a page with
5 HiRes PNG suitable for making your ICL (icon library).. slow but nice!
Screenshots of ALL the new Office 2003 icons..

Comments: John Walkenbach... "Yes, that it definely a better approach."



With Outlook2Excel you can import Outlook data into Excel.

I'm currently redesigning it, and adding some truely spectacular features...
such as a worksheetfunction to lookup values directly from Outlook.

It will not come back as a freeware app. The new release will carry a (small) registration fee.



17-03 (Beta6)

Download MultiRangePivot Addin here..
Download MultiRangePivot Data Example files (for testing only)..

Maakt het mogelijk 'standaard' DraaiTabellen te baseren op data uit meerdere werkbladen, met normale functionaliteit. (Zonder de beperkingen van Meervoudige Samenvoegings Bereik)

Enables Pivot Tables to collect Data from Multiple Sheets, but with full functionality of the 'standard' Pivot without the restrictions of using Multiple Consolidation Ranges.

Beta6: Another go at the bug below. Commandbar.Protection seems to be turned ON for the PivotTable Toolbar in the Dutch Version of xl2k...

Beta5: Bug with the ControlsAdd in xl2k s/b solved..

06-02-03 Download MultiTray Print here..
(experimental addin for printing with on-the-fly tray switching)
12-jan-06 Download my own Sudoku Solver here..
solves 9x9 and 16x16 sudokus. I doubt it can be done faster in VBA.
<4 msecs for a 9x9 and <11msecs for a 16x16..
14-06-04 Download Euro2004 here..
entirely in formulas: ranked/sorted/ex aequo result handling.
formulas made as 'copyable' as possible
01-07-04 Download TourToto2004 here..
27-10-04 Download Planning NL3a here..
timeITcool (in ontwikkeling/ under development)

Download timeITcool here..
Een userdefined functie voor het toerekenen van tijden en datums naar tijdintervallen. (Urenstaten, Budget verdeling, Omzet vrijval...

Werkt met individuele start en eindtijd, maar de grote kracht zit m in het werken met (grote) series Start en Eindtijden (of datums), waarbij het niet uitmaakt of de paren en reeksen horizontaal of verticaal zijn gegroepeerd.

Er is een uitgebreide uitleg in t bestand... in het engels:-(

A userdefined function to compute which times and dates fall in certain timeperiods. Normally a challenging task used in timesheets, budget allocations, revenue allocations etc etc.

It's power is in the flexibel way you can compute totals for large numbers of time or date pairs.