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Hi, my name is Karin.
I live in Landsmeer (Holland) along with my 16 year old son,
four Shelties, a cat and a pet rabbit, o, and some goldfish.
I'm fortunate enough to live nearby a nature preserve called :'t Twiske',
where I spend a lot of time with my dogs.
There's plenty of space to run free, play, and meet other dogs.
We have made lots of 'dog'friends and meet regularly,
it's a great place for socialization for the dogs (and myself).
One day, a friend of mine asked me to come see her new puppy,
it was a Sheltie......
Well, it was love at first site, I knew this was my kind of dog!
First, there was Quinte.
She was the first Sheltie to
join our family in September 2000.
My first pure bred dog!
Two years later, Quinte got her first litter, she had 4 puppies.
She was bred by champion: Willowditch Dazzling Deee-Lite
from the kennels of Antsje Tilma-de Jong.
I found good matching homes for all of her pups,
unfortunately I wasn't able to keep one for myself.
I kept in touch with Antsje. She called me in May 2002 to announce a new litter.
Marantha was the one, I knew it as soon as I saw her.
She joined our family in July 2002.
I was so excited when I got another call
from Antsje the following October.
She said she was so happy for me because 'my pup' had just been born.
At first I had no idea what she was talking about.
I'd been on the look out for a bi-black Sheltie, and apparently, one was born.
A bi-black Sheltie, with just enough white..... I was sold!
Banisha celebrated her first Christmas at our home.
Mr Joy himself!
No really, he is! 
I named him after the flower: Dandelion,
 that's because he brightens up the meadows he runs thru,
just like those yellow flowers in early spring.
He was the 'one-puppy litter' Marantha had.
He was born in March 2006 and has been a joy in the family since.
He's bi-black!..... just like 'his auntie' Banisha.
I enjoy my Shelties, we do doggy dances, have done some Agility training with Quinte,
obedience and show training are part of our routine as well.

We do have a litter from time to time, the pups are raised in our home,
actually in our living room! where they can be part of the family
and be social with others right from the start.
All our pups are healthy and CEA free,
checked by a CEA specialized veterinarian.



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