Kero's iPAQ Page

November 2000 I bought an iPAQ (Compaq H3630). It is a PDA with some impressive hardware, which allows one to hack on and play with it. As indicated on the handhelds site, you can remove PocketPC and put Linux (familiar or intimate distro) on it. That allows for much more control over the unit and opportunity to play with it.
Some of my little projects so far: All of the projects are available from my familiar feed. Actually, nearly all of them, except the /proc/apm fix, but that's most likely in your kernel alread, together with a thermal sensor read-out :)

Screenshots and Photos

For a start, look at these Ruby Agenda screenshots.

Then there is the address book, which is only a viewer for the moment.

I have two simple shots of WiSe, one with iPAQ-applets.

Then I have two shots from JVPC running on Kaffe (on X) [and since I can dial into an ISP from my iPAQ via IrDA/mobile phone, in theory I can do my VGA-Planets turns on the road :]
The Starmap, showing a selected planet. The String does not fit on the label on the bottom of the map, though... The planet itself, in editable form. I am setting the Friendly Code to ATT with xstroke. Nearly everything fits on the screen properly.