Sanskrit is one of the oldest known languages with a rich collection of documents full of timeless spiritual knowledge. Here you’ll find some links and the latest news about the mwsdd dictionary program.


MWSDD V1.5 Beta

Mwsdd is a interface to the cologne(university of köln) digital Sanskrit project, wich is a digitized form of the Monier Williams dictionary. It’s a windows program wich you can locally install on your PC alongside with the huge 16MB dictionary file created by the university of köln wich contains about 160.000 entries. 

Features include:


Description Size Filename
MWSDD V1.5 Beta 190 KB mwsdd_v15beta.zip
MWSDD V1.4c test version 179 KB mwsdd_v14c.zip
Dictionary files 6,7 MB dict.zip
Fonts 61,5 KB fonts.zip
Readme 1 KB install.txt
Screenshot 37,5 KB mwsdd.gif



University of köln website

Sanskrit documents page