Loet Leydesdorff

Science & Technology Dynamics, University of Amsterdam
Amsterdam School of Communications Research (ASCoR)

Table of Contents
  1. Scientometrics and Science Studies
  2. The Sociology of Scientific Knowledge
  3. The Intellectual Organization of the Sciences
  4. The Methodological Priority of Textual Data
  5. Full Text Analysis of Scientific Articles
  6. From Words and Co-Words to Information and Probabilistic Entropy
  7. The Static Model
  8. The Dynamics of Scientific Developments
  9. The Static and Dynamic Analysis of Networks 
  10. Irreversibilities in Networks
  11. EU Policies and Transnational Publications 
  12. Knowledge Representations, Bayesian Inferences, and Empirical Science Studies
  13. A Mathematical Theory of Scientific Communications
Table of Contents
  1. Introduction
  2. Towards a Sociological Theory of Communication 
  3. The evolution of communication networks 
  4. The non-linear dynamics of sociological reflections 
  5. New perspectives on empirical theories 
  6. A triple helix of university-industry-government relations (includes a theory of citation)
  7. The European information society 
  8. Regime changes and sustainable development 
  9. Uncertainty and the communication of 'time' 
  10. The expectation of social change

See review in JASIST 
53(1), 2002, 62-63

  (Copenhagen, 6-9 November 2002)
Triple Helix IV: Breaking Boundaries · Building Bridges
  • The Endless Transition: Relations among Social, Economic, and Scientific Developments (Rio de Janeiro, 2000)
  • The Future Location of Research in University-Industry-Government Relations

  • (New York, 1998) 
  • University-Industry-Government Relations (Amsterdam, 1996)

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