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The place to be! Thousands of satisfied reporters everyday worldwide! But also a once-in-a-lifetime chance to be broadcasted on real television in Amsterdam for FREE! Links to radio and television stations all over the world to scratch and broaden your news-items, as there are links to local papers and magazines in a-many a language to check it out for yourself what local media say instead of believing the official story!
To make an oustading website we start with the
Internet Publishing-service, a step-by-step easy way to make the best website and be listed for FREE by a many of mayor search engines at once.

Free for you MokumTV´s choise of free webspace and a listing
For your free publications:
free websites.
Looking for a story a service for reporters with or without a writing-block
Translation-service get your text translated for free: English, French, German, Spanish and Portuguese
FREE on MokumTV once in a lifetime chance to have your video broadcasted on the Amsterdam television for free!
All Radio and Television of the world on Internet
More at once search all the search engines by one click
World maps and area by spy-satelite.

World Press Internet Publishing-service

A study conducted by "BrightPlanet", estimates that the web could contain 500 times the number of pages first thought!!!
Most reports measure the web at 2 billion webpages, of which 1 billion are indexed by Google (Google currently has the largest database of all the search engines).
If BrightPlanet's study is correct, this means the web contains close to 1 trillion webpages. What's more is that we are only able to search 1/1000 of all webpages using the current search engines! So lets make the best out of your site from scratch.

Make an impressive looking website with the cool tools Online Graphics Generator or Create Free Buttons for Your Web Pages

after your page is ready get your metatag made (symply the best) and get your metatag analysed:

Check your sites performance


Now you have to compete with those 1 trillion webpages, while the current search engines are only able to search 0.1% because 99.999% of the web is not yet indexed! This is a MAJOR concern to all website owners. So submit to as many search engines as you can. Do not submit individually to each search engine. Instead of waste your time, use a free submission service. Notice that you better have everything neat, with a good metatag etc. If that is allright, it is time to get your site listed for free by top search-engines.

Gratis aanmelden bij searchengines.

Submit your website to 40 search engines for FREE!

Just enter your URL

Add Me!

Submit Free to 27 Popular Search Engines: http://www.ineedhits.com/add-it/free

Get your site listed for free by 1000 search-engines (in German)

toonen.de - Kostenloser Eintrag in über 1000 Suchmaschinen!

Get yourself for FREE on MokumTV

Yes, it´s true! A once-in-a-lifetime chance to be broadcasted on MokumTV of Amsterdam! We try to keep internet and television-networks free from people who want to prevent you to see, read, write or speak out free. That is why we make you this unique and TOTALLY FREE offer. It will only cost you a tape to be broadcasted in Amsterdam, worlds capital of FREEDOM. Whatever you wanna say or show, get it for FREE on MokumTV. The rules are simple:You have to hold a 5-minutes limit. If you agree with our conditions you just send in your tape and you will be on MokumTV!

If you agree with our conditions

Your message should not be longer as 5 minutes!
If music is used, we´ll pay for the copyright-duties, but you must tell us the name of the songs, composers, textwriters and performing artists. Concerning the images on your tape: they should be free of copyrighted material.
We try to broadcast your message the next Monday after we received you tape, but can not guaranty this due to the number of messages we receive. In this case your message will be broadcasted in order of receiving.
When you use another language as English or Dutch, you´ll send us a translation (in Dutch or English) as well.
If the message is not recorded in the PAL standard, MokumTV cannot guaranty you the correct representation of colors and images.
We accept VHS, S-VHS, Video8 and Hi8 format tapes.
The only reason for not broadcasting your message is when we are forced by law to do, par example in cases of pedophile-propaganda. In all other cases, even when you feel to make propaganda for marijuana or when you feel to act as Clinton and show adult nudity, you´ll be for Free on MokumTV.
E-mail or fax +31 (020) 8828532 us when you send your tape by post to:

MokumTV (Salto A1),
Amstel 82
1017 AC The Netherlands

MokumTV, best watched program on Amsterdam Salto A1 channel is awaiting your tape! Which will be broadcasted for free on Monday during the World Reporters program. MokumTV is protected by CyberCommando, committed to flog people that install blockingprograms. To be enlisted in the notorious list of very best broadcasters and publishers in the world, you should E-mail your URL and have our: http://members.ams.chello.nl/m.elfers/LINKS.HTM as World Press Service link on the site you have MAILED US to be submitted.

All Radio and Television on internet

World television - live and on demand
World radio and TV in real audio and video


Make your website international friendly. Most French people think that they speak te most perfect language of the world, so why should they learn to speak something vulgar as English. They even have a law that forbid to use of foreign words in official writing. Protests arouse about words like internet. Internet in France is French, French, French and the same applies for Germany, Italy, Spain, Japan, Turkey, Russia, Holland, Kazachstan, Norway, Alfaristan, Sweden, Albania, Iran, Finland etc. etc.
According to Global Reach: Back in 1995, around 80% of the languages used on Internet was English. Today, only 51% of the languages on the Internet is English. Japanese, for instance, is way high with 8.1 %. In Europe, there is a potential of 320 million people, more than half do not speak English. Asia with a number of online users of 50 million, Latin America with Spanish and Portuguese - another 10 million - expected to increase to 45 million by the end of 2002. Do not shut out the non-English.

Intertran translates in 26 languages. Also AltaVista has a Translation Service (English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and German) that will allow you to type in an URL and receive a translation of a limited text area on that page. Sure they want you to buy the BabelFush, but you can use it for free when you feed the machine smaller portions by copy and paste your text: translate.

DICTONARIES: Meta Tool search in over 140 on-line dictionaries! Lycos offers the possibility to translate a single word in 32 lanquages. SPECIAL: Hot Turks sex dictionary (English - Türkçe)

Detailed world maps

Zoom in and out, all over te world... a great Exite-service...

or check an area by spy-satelite on the terraserver.

More at once-service

Have it at once! Check different search engines at once.


If you didn´t found what you were looking for, try: inference and find queries the best 6 search engines on the web, but can be configured to call any search engine. Currently it calls WebCrawler, Yahoo, Lycos, Alta Vista, Infoseek, and Excite

MetaCrawler simultaneously searches Open Text, Lycos, WebCrawler, Infoseek, Excite, Inktomi, AltaVista, Yahoo, and Galaxy.

A search engine that allows you to ask questions in sentence format, as though you were asking a real person. e.g. "How do I make tomato sauce?" electricmonk

Looking for a story-service

for reporters without a story, check these sites (and watch our local-tribe-service as well) and there will be always something to report about in this world.

Obscure Store and Reading Room a fine collection of curious.

Unique sport highly estethic, centuries old and very macho. Oiled wrestling is becoming popular in Europe sice MokumTV introduced it in Amsterdam.

Most controversial on internet with a wide range of items for a great story.


Local tribe services

Check what´s going on in the world by yourself in seconds.


The Panafrican News Agency on http://www.africanews.org/PANA/news/

Amerikistan/US of A/Verenigde Staten van Noord Amerika

USA live-news tv from channel 5+ on Channel +

Read the Washington Post on-line

Check the Newsweek this week


Arabic News in English.

Arabia in English.

Al Hayat Al Hayat Arab paper from London

Daily Star The Daily Star online


Vlaamstalige kranten en weekbladen The Flemmish press in one.

Vlaamse media The Flemmish media.

Anarchist Black Cross Gent internationaal netwerk van autonome groepen anarchisten.

VRT Vlaamse Radio en Televisie

De Nar maandblad voor Nederlandstalige Anarchisten met nieuws over de politieke gevangene Mumia Abu-Jamal, een prominente aanklager van de politiediensten die in de U.S.A. op death row verblijft.

Le Soir In French, English, Dutch, German, Italian an Spanish available.


Brasil live television by Anhanguera de Goiânia (in Portugese)


Cypres Greece on http://www.cybc.com.cy/tvprogrammes.html with newsbulletin in English


Solidaritätsgruppe Politischer Gefängenen with the forbidden magazine ´radikal´ and the Abu Jamal-pages


Egypt State Television with newsbulletins in English

The Middle East Times uit Egypte


French freaks with froggy french news in a kind of English.

Hollandistan/Holland/The Netherlands

MokumTV, best watched program on Amsterdam Salto A1 channel. Fax +31 (020) 8828532.

Amsterdam Televisie Dick and Kitty van der Geld keep the party going on Salto A1 channel.

Salto is for 15 years the ´mother of A1, A2 and A3´ tv channels and host of over 200 broadcast-organisations in Amsterdam.

KleurNet is a new project, initiated by Luc Sala. Although we don´t have a working URL, you can always e-mail mr. Sala: sala@euronet.nl

StudentenTV on Amsterdam Salto channel

AT5 on Amsterdam Salto A3 channel

Alle NL omroepen Dutch (National) broadcasters in-one

NPS Webradio Live and on demand Dutch radio

De Vrijzinnig Protestantse Radio Omroep VPRO on demand radio

Archief TROS Radio Online


Lilith Anarcha-Feministic

Ravage former Bluf, 2x per maand verschijnende aktiekrant.

De Digitale Stad Amsterdam de tofste stad van de wereld

Meldpunt discriminatie op internet

Jansen & Janssen het roemruchte onderzoeksbureau

Konfrontatie radikaal discussiemagazine op het internet.

Kleintje Muurkrant Tof maandblad uit Den Bosch.

Autonoom Centrum voert aktie tegen het onmenselijke asielbeleid in Nederland.


India live television on http://www.ddindia.net/cgi-bin/news.pl with newsbulletin in English


Iran live television and IRNA-news in English and Farsi on http://www.irna.com/tv/index.html

Communist Party of Iran website in English and Farsi.


Naffers. In Dutch only, about young Moroccans in Amsterdam. De wreedste Naffer-sites met de School voor jonge criminelen.

Maroc net In French.

abdessadek chekara more than one hour music by the King of Andalusian music, the late Abdessadek Chekara

http://www.nizw.nl/nizwic/landen/marokk01.htm factsheet jeugdbeleid Marokko.

Netherlands (see Hollandistan)


Oilwrestling Check it out for youself, those beefcake-hunks.

http://www.kirkpinar.net 1999 Edirne-agha Ayhan Sezer´s site (in English and Turkish)

Turkish Daily News Engelstalige dagblad in Turkije/English Turkish Daily News

Turkish News een keuze uit de Turkse media

Halil Yildirim Turk muzigi Turkish popular music in Real Audio/Plaklardan Turkce Muzik (nostalji) RealAudio files


Mevlana Derwishes and Tariqat


Vatican´s Holy Father when moving his live-movements televised on The Holy See TV

Free for you...

When our provider UPC let us know that we reached their limit of 5 meg, we had to go around to check other storagespace. Here are some of the people who are not that avaricious as UPC with their webspace, and the more, they offer it for free... Just check it out to find what fits you best:

fsn.net + webjump + crosswinds + tripod.com + freeyellow + thefreesite

Free websites for your publications

50megs.com - 50 megabytes.

FreeServers.com - 20 megabytes of space and "unlimited" E-mail addresses. Free counter, free guestbook and direct FTP access.

Netcolony.com - 35 megabytes of space. They don't burden your site with pop-up windows (although they do require you to display a banner).

Virtual Avenue - 20 megs, "unlimited" traffic and E-mail forwarding, as well as a true FTP account. No adult or warez sites allowed.

Channel21.com - 12 megabytes of space for your personal or business Web site. No spamming allowed here.

Qwik Pages - 10-megabyte, along with your own free E-mail address.

Startpath.com - If your site gets sufficient traffic, Starpath.com will pay you $5 per 1,000 page views. They offer five megs of space. If you need more , send them an E-mail and they'll consider increasing your allotment.

WebJump - 25 megabytes of space. easy to get set up at this speedy hoster. If you do commerce, you must display their 150-by-60 pixel banner on each page.

ACMEcity - free provider to build fan sites for celebrities, TV shows, music stars, etc. 20 megabytes.

Angelfire Communications - Angelfire recently decreased the amount of free Web space from 10 megs to 5 megs. If you use graphics from their stock collection, they're not counted against your space limit. This service is paid for by sponsored annoying pop-up banner ads (you can opt to switch them off). You may advertise your business, but you may not have paid advertising banners on your page.

Escalix Free Web Space - six megs of space. Upload and edit with their "Homepage Manager." OC-3 (155 mbps) connection. Members are required to display a 468-by-60 pixel banner at the top and two standard-sized (88-by-31 pixel) icons at the bottom of their pages. No porn sites allowed. Escalix recently upgraded their servers and service has greatly improved.

Crosswinds Internet Communications - This site offers free ad-free personal Web pages, with "unlimited space," free E-mail and other goodies, like free Majordomo mailing lists. Free Web space for businesses is also available, although for these types of sites, there's a 25-megabyte limit and you must display a banner on your main page, "above the fold." No porn, "warez" (pirated material) or spamming allowed.

Tripod - 11 megabytes free space with annoying pop-up advertising banners. Owned by Lycos.

FortuneCity.com - you get 20 megs, no individual file may be larger than one megabyte. Stake your claim at this major free Web space provider that uses a city theme. Some people will probably find this concept appealing; others are annoyed by it. FortuneCity.com now offers free Web hosting services in Britain, Germany, France, and Sweden as well as a Spanish language service.

Free Sites Network - 20 megs of space and "unlimited" data transfer. You also get server side includes, nightly backups of data, FTP uploading and 24-hour monitoring. No files over 100 kilobytes allowed and no "warez" (illegal software, cracks, serials) allowed.

FreeTown - Free Web pages available ``for personal or commercial use, providing the content is legal and rated for general audiences.'' Has a Web page creator form that lets you build your page online.

FreeYellow.com - 12 megs of space.

Yahoo! GeoCities - Now a part of search portal Yahoo's empire, GeoCities is the Web's largest free space provider, with over 3.5 million "Homesteaders." GeoCities offers you 11 megabytes of space.

MokumTV reporters

Hassan Alaoui in Salé, Marokko: .hassanalaoui@go.com. Hassan´s home-site: http://www.casanet.net.ma/slaoui/hassanalaoui/naffer/maroc.com. Hassan woont in de Rue Al Ayachi, Quartier R’Mel, Ville de Salé, Maroc.

Other links just fa fun...

Fairport Convention is the best folkrockgroep ever.

Biografie Leo Fuld in het Nederlands

www.pscw.uva.nl/discorsi/31.2/mokumtv.html artikel van Peter Vermaas in Discorsi: Mokum TV - 'We dúrven gewoon!' Republikeins. Multicultureel. Radicaal. Maar ook populistisch Jordanees. MokumTV vertoont wekelijks een onwaarschijnlijke mix van identiteiten.

http://members.tripod.lycos.nl/MokumTVfansite/index.html A site of MokumTV-fan miss Drudge Slapper, with one only link, back to this site. She must love the MokumTV publicity, cause on this, like on the other, is the picture of the naked oilwrestler Zeki Albayrak.

Beside the MokumTV World Music Chart there is the Weltmusik Chart compiled by Johannes Theurer. It offers a lot of interesting links. You can find it at http://www.weltmusik.de/charts/




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