We take a strong, aggressive approach against mugs that use sensor-programs, digital blockings or intolerant search engines who play police and hold sway on the internet. Physical punishment and forced submissive servitude for government-members, authorities, secular and non-secular powers, monarchs and others luxuriating in power of controlling communication for the sole means of influencing our thoughts. We don´t argue with noodles who think that they have the right to control what we see or say. Our Mission Statement: "The Correctional Service of CyberCommando contributes to the protection of free speech by actively punishing offenders and force them to become freedom-abiding citizens.


NetGuild Magazine says, "... NetAuntie was a loyal helper...did the job well till CyberCommando throttled this computer-savvy Mrs. Doubtfire in a box.."

Business Hours says, "Unlike other products NetAuntie now monitors non-Internet online services. New is that it now delete complete harddiscs after detecting the phrase CyberCommando...."

The Vancouver Police Dept. says, "NetAuntie is watching CyberCommando´s when parents aren't."

The CC Dept. Vancouver says, "NetAuntie is committing a burglary in your PC when the Vancouver Police Dept. snores".

Naffer ParkWest says, "CyberCommando´s checking out intollerants and give them a good beating... and if they don´t change their attitude, the come again and again... never tired of beating the internet bullies... they really start at the bottom end with their action for free speach, having as device: Who won´t hear will feel".

After eliminating NetAuntie, CyberCommando aimed unpunished morons installing censor-programs. CyberCommando guarantees that all our checked material is absolutely offending and insulting. Only the most offending sites on the internet are rewarded with our worldwide infamous CC-logo


[approved]The Internet is fast becoming a part of everyone's life. Internet-access becoming easier, the staggering number of 30 million subscribers in the USA alone is growing exponentially each month. Nearly all people in the world with home computers are part of the internet community. For the first time in history the benefits are for all the people: sharing of resources and ideas, communicating with remote corners of the globe, huge amounts accessible reference materials. For the first time in world history even sensitive material is now accessible information. For the first time people are able to judge for themselves what is going on, get different visions.

  You like to use your hard-hands on thug that block the internet and hinder free speech? Then you are on the right track. Prevent those narrow minded dwarfs to continue their assignment by beating them up now and then! Words don´t count for them, so...

And again there are the governments, authorities, secular and non-secular powers, monarchs and other various bodies have reasons to fear communication and want to control it for influencing the thoughts of people.

As soon as the printed word started the bodies of power reacted quick to surpres this developments, killing writers and burning books that ventilated a different view. Only the coming of mass media´s scale and speed encompassed their control over means as telecommunication. As soon the telephone was introduced, governments used it to overhear our most private conversations.

Regarding recent history in virtually all countries of Europe various states and bodies of power started to develop and control the outputs of their own state run broadcasting organizations and systems. During the Second World War and the Cold War period radio was used to undermine the control of other states over censorship and propaganda. Nazi-Germany had radio programs in the various languages, and, likewise, vice versa!

One of the most considerable developments in contemporary media technology is the development of the "direct geo-stationary satellite to dish reception" system for home television viewing. Direct satellite viewing from the home became possible in Europe when in 1988 a high power satellite was launched by the Luxembourg based A.S.T.R.A. group. It undermined the control of states over censorship and propaganda and in most European countries, the monopoly of state run broadcasting was shattering. Via, what was then the E.E.C., many individual European Union member countries set quotas on the percentage of imported programs permitted to be shown on our television.

In China the authorities take rigorous steps to keep control over satellite television channels by a vigorous expansion of cable television in the densely populated urban areas. Because of a sanctions threat against Rupert Murdock's Star TV satellite, which broadcasts to the Far-East, China's government has taken the "BBC World" news channel off the air. Channels still shown avoid news and anything that could upset the Chinese government. That governments control the content of satellite channels was seen a couple of years ago. IRA´s Jerry Adams was interviewed on CNN while a broadcasting ban on IRA was in place in the United Kingdom. The CNN satellite beam aimed at Europe and Britain did not carry this well publicized and pre-announced interview!

And now they want to prohibit visions different as what supervisors consider to be proper. Thug blocking your internet and hinder free speech. Intolerant Nannies and Auntie's wanna impose their insufferable folklore upon everybody. So we walloped NetAuntie after she was advertised as ´the best way to protect your children from free speech on the Internet´.

NetAuntie software spies and blocks content, sites, words, phrases and info on your PC. Online or off by two-way screening in real-time. NetAuntie prevents loading and running of any programs, drives or files. In the "Nanny-Xample Zone" access is limited only to those Web sites that yellowbelly NetAuntie preselected as not offensive to members of the Xample-sect, the inventors of NetAuntie. Xamples faint when the see a naked ancle and consider stoning as an aproppraite measurement against woman who showed a naked shoulder in public. The believe that they were chosen by a higher power to free this world from improper words and NetAuntie was the performer.

NetAuntie withhold human beings of what she calls ´inappropriate chat-lines´. The twat is on the outlook for exiting news groups, horny file transfers, randy browsers, heated online providers and salacious BBS's. Any lascivious material is considered to be inappropriate for the Internet. NetAuntie prevent ´Words', 'Phrases', sites, URLs, News Groups and IRC Chat being sent from, received by, or accessed by your PC. She no longer mask inappropriate words, phrases, language or block images, but takes a terminal action. When you try to trespass her block NetAuntie applicates a complete shutdown.

We singled out the louts that created NetAuntie. The correction of these nasty characters (Operation Earboxing) resulted in de resignation of the Great Xample-wizard. During Operation Earboxing we extort keywords to turn NetAuntie in a maniac. Once updated NetAuntie shut down complete networks when she spied improper words as president, virgin, oval room, cigar, psalm, woman or popemobile. After NetAuntie was resurrected we dropped her complete international list of obscene, offensive, smutty, filthy and disgusting words on the site NetAuntie decode-words, making the lady useless shit.

You like to use your hard-hands on thug that block the internet and hinder free speech? Then you are on the right track. Prevent narrow minded dwarfs to continue their assignment.

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