Unless you apply to be enlist you might be regular flogged or kicked by a CyberCommando Quartermaster, because our AutoCommandoCheck®™ didn´t recognize you as permitted invader. We now know your number. You will be recorded as detected offender. No reason to bother too much, none of our interrogation-techniques leave remaining damage visible longer then 10 days.


The Rules of a CyberCommando Quartermaster engagement are simple:

The Universal Code of Military Justice and the Geneva Convention articles pertaining to Prisoner of War treatment and interrogation are NOT in effect.

CyberCommando´s operating in Canada: notice that administering corporal punishment was ceased in 1968
and removed from the Canadian criminal code in 1972.

A CyberCommando Quartermaster is not indecisive in controlling every activity of his captive. There is one important rule for his detained: He is NOTHING!

Upon this rule all other rules and regulations exist. Physical punishment and forced submissive servitude are custom.


The training of internet-captives depends on dominant training techniques, which utilize force, fear, pain and threats.

A captive needs supervision. If he is reluctant, he learn best when you punished any negative behavior.

Training, in general, involves well timed and consistent correction. You cannot control, let alone train a captive without leash and collar control.

Leashes help keep your internet-captive close by you so you can use well timed corrections.

You make and internet-captive obey you by using a leash!

It is handy to keep an internet-captives for continuing handling and abuse.


Here are the ranks of the CyberCommando´s, recognisible by a sighn on the left arm.

1st Class Punisher
Chain & Ball officers

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I do not communicate very much detail, but it is important to understand the nature of being a CyberCommando prior to committing to it.

As soon as a I know somebody who installed a blocking-programs on his PC, I´m ready to rattle for abusing freedom of speech and expression. No matter where you´re from or age you are, as you know objects using the following blocking-programs and are ready to correct them for breaching what´s internet is for, you can join the Great Real International Horde of CyberCommando´s. To practice the non-cyberical disciplinary punishments on submitted offenders, you presents your special ability. Excluded from this opportunity are members of religious sects who consider lapidation as a suitable penalty for people engaged in what they consider to be illicit or improper. Improper is when you willingly hinder people to gather knowledge. In the old days they burned the books, now they barring the internet. At the same time their block don´t count for the hypocrite that imposed the censorship-tools. Although this seems to be a heavy infraction of the rules of certain fundamentalist, we reject biblical lapidations as a proper form of punishment.


Lapidation was common castigation in the days of Joshua ben Miriam (0-33 AC) When his followers took power after some centuries, they burned their adversaries and everybody with a different thought of what was official pronounced. The coming of the internet now gives everybody the possibility to play judge to set the criterion of what other people are permitted to see, hear or feel.

CyberCommando is open to everybody who believes that you don´t need a word to distribute firm correction to hypocrites. The waggish ravage of lapidation and burning are out of cybertime. That is why members of religious sects are excluded from joining the CyberCommando net-force.

When physical pain is distributed by a CyberCommando, it should not cause remaining damage visible longer then 10 days.

The degree of punishment is influenced by the program the offender had used to block internet access for others.through filtercontrol lists. The ludicrous the censor-program installed, the more physical pain compliance that the captive can expect.Highest ranking to be harassed by CyberCommando are dumbo´s that installed the following filterprograms on their PC:
CyberAuntie, Cyber Patrol, Cyber Sitter, DimwitSearch, NetAuntie, SimpletonSearch, DufferControl, TwaT-Check, Safe Surf and Surf Watch.

CyberCommando combats the following Search Engines who play police and holds sway on internet:
Joshua Finder, Devout Finder and Pious Search.

CyberCommando combats Adult Verification Service Providers and the individual users of AdultCheck, Badpuppy, AdultCheck Gold, AdultKey, AdultPass, AdultScreen, AdultWatch, AgeCheck, CDA Pass, ManCheck.

We punish subjects that use verification-systems that require membership By Application as Pay to View, PornoPass, RealAgeAVS, SiteCheck, UGAS Validate and X-Check.


The purpose of training is to make CyberCadets acquire basic commando behavior and knowledge, and to enable them to be sufficient in leadership by teaching leader's principles. CyberCadets are furnished with basic knowledge and behavior through intensive training and practice the basic principles they have learned in life-like scenarios and thus to improve their capabilities.

Though the training in camp is demanding and requires a great deal of self-sacrifice, the CyberCadet still look forward to it eagerly. It is their belief that a main factor of bringing the CyberCommando´s under their command to victory is to set a perfect example to them in every aspect.

The absolute obedience to orders and obedience to Cyber-law are the unchanging features of discipline that the CyberCadets must exercise themselves and have others exercise without any hesitation. Mutual affection, respect and trust are the prerequisites to implement and maintain the discipline.

The primary and most important factors in the control system in relation with the cadets' obedience to rules and orders are his own conscious of discipline and his capability of controlling his own behavior.

He is well-aware of the fact that he will loose his self-respect if he violates the rules and that such a person will not make a good CyberCommando.


The small colorbar on the left upperarm of the CyberCommando-uniform is based on the traditional form of signalling speciallities.

Sigh on left arm   COLOUR
1st Class Punisher   BLACK
ChainCommando   GREY
EarboxCommando (head)   LIGHT BLUE
CopCommando   MEDIUM BLUE
FlightCommando   AIRFORCE BLUE
Chain & Ball officers   TEAL BLUE
TT-Commando   DARK PINK
SpankForce   FUSCHIA
BaldheadCommando-troup   RED/WHITE STRIP


...no objections and scruple to enforce your will to people who need to be corrected. You ready and willing to drub and kick on a preventive base? You have no objection to use your hard-hands or belt to hive a sound strapping? When you are ready to correct, drub, flog, punish, trounce, rack, torture, kick, stub, gash, slap, swipe, strap, flagellate, flog and castigate the internet-suckers, take the NEXT STEP

Prior to committing to the CyberCommando Quartermasters

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