Martin RomijnWelcome !

My name is Martin Romijn. I am a stonecutter by trade. My hobbies besides collecting pipes, are collecting stones and fossils, sculpting, and aquaria. In 2003 I rediscovered the joy of pipe smoking after a 10 year hiatus.(I started smoking pipes at the age of 20) I started looking for information on the Internet about pipes and pipesmoking. I learnt, amongst other things, the concept of tampers. I decided to try and make some tampers on my own. As the reactions on my first designs were amazingly enthousiastic, I started to put some of them for sale on this web site.
I also like to show a little about stonecutting and some other stuff like my pets at this website. Feel free to check it out.


 Roses made out of stone
roos-small roos2small rose3