Some of these bears are made in order for a special wish !!

Einige von dieser Bäre sind gemacht worden im Auftrag einer bestimmten Wunsch !!



Sanne (50 cm)

My very first bear has been adopted to England !! 


Dutchy (62 cm) !!

   Zuhause ist der Sohn beim Bundeswehr, weil er oft im Ausland ist, leistet Dutchy in sein neues Zuhause gutes Gesellschaft !!


Boske (62 cm)

His owners wanted a special bear from the woods, and he is adopted to Belgium !! On his back he carries a wooden basket full of wood and an old saw my husband made for him after this picture was taken !!

Here my special bear "Brikje" I did'not want to sell here !! But on a show a very nice customer came to me the second day, and told me that when she wake up, "Brikje" was in here mind !! And so I dit it, now she keeps "Bettemie"company another Otsie Bear !!

Hölzli war mit auf der Teddy Total in Münster 2005 als Wettbewerb und ist adoptiert