About Me
Welcome to my homepage. When I bought my first Maltese girl "Candy" many years ago, and she came running into my live,as a little white bundle of love and fun, then, as you can say, my love for this wonderful breed has begon and it never stopped.
At her first breedshow when she was 15 months, she became Best of Breed, at her first International Show she became 1 Excellent with CAC and CACIB, so I had a beautiful maltese. Then the Show virus had catched me, and to be honnest, it still does.
More the a year later I had my first litter with her, four beautiful puppy's she gave me and I kept "Starlight v. Countess of Holland" myself. She became my first homebred Champion, a fantastic showgirl.

Most of the time I was going (and stil am) to dogshows but sometimes I had a litter and now and then a puppy stayed with us, and with that puppy I started showing again.
They won a lot of Champion titles in Holland but also abroad, and my homebred male Ch. Time Share v. Countess of Holland became not only a lot of youth titles but also a Dutch, International and German Champion, and he was the Top Maltese in the Netherlands.
With the puppy owners I still have a good contact because I allways want to know how my "children" are doing.
During the time and because of their high age, some maltese allready passed the rainbowbridge, but we are happy to have such good memories about them and they will have a special place in our hart forever.

I sometimes have a litter but I only breed with excellent and healthy maltese. They are from the best English and American lines. and shortly we are using the best Korean lines in our breeding program too.
I never have to many maltese because I want to keep it a family affair, and all my maltese therefore live in our house.
They are realy company dogs, they allways are were I am.
The puppy's are raised in the livingroom and they are raised surrounded by the family and the other maltese, We have a big garden were they can run and play and for the night they all go upstairs with us to sleep in their own little sleeping-basket. I take them regulary fore a walk,or they sit in front of my bicycle in a special dogbasket when I go to the marketplace, and now and then I also take them with me for a ride with the car. Thats very easy to do because of their limited size. I've made the choice not to have to much maltese, so I can take them with me whenever I want and I have the time to learn them a lot of things, for example, I start to take the puppy's with me for a ride in the car when they are 5 weeks old, so I almost never have carsick dogs, and thats very pleasant for them and their owners.

I'm a member of the Dutch- and Englisch Maltese club. As the years go by, I found a lot of friends among the dog people , but also on the dogshows at home and abroad.  As a result of using the computer and the WorldWideWeb and having my own homepage for several years, it became easyer to contact maltese lovers all over the world and so many of them has been visiting my homepage, thats so nice. With some of them I now have a regular email contact and we became good friends. Some of them have allready been visiting us and I'm sure one day we are going to visit them all too.
Two puppys out of my previous litters went to Russia to a wonderfull show home and they are doing very well overthere and winning a lot. One of the beautiful girls went to Finland and is a Champion overthere. Some others are in Denmark, Sweden, the UK, Germany, Cyprus, Poland etc. and some other countrys.  But I'm also very proud of all my other maltese, puppy's and adults, petdogs or showdogs it doesn't matter , to me they all are great little ones.

Ch. Time Share v. Countess of Holland. Top Maltese in Holland.
Ch. Starlight v. Countess of Holland
In Love Again v. Countess of Holland "Indy"
A Multi Champion and a Best in Show Winner.
The first maltese in Russia who is a Finnish Champion !!!
own: Catherine Tchemakina
St. Petersburg, Rusland.
I do hope you have fun visiting my homepage and please come back sometime because whe have new updates regurlary. If you have any question you can allways mail me.

Friendly Greetings,
Marja and Maltese
Ch. Love Song v. Countess of Holland
Bibi and her son Indy
Our Wonderful Candy