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I set up this page as a means to contact people with whom we (Maarten Waterloo and Corjona Waterloo - Louhenapessy) lost contact with over the years. I would appreciate it if you can help us by telling them about this page if you know them. I can be contacted at maartenwaterloo@netscape.net.

Family Tuibuabua, Fiji - 1995

During our time in Fiji from 1989 until 1991 we lived on the same compound with the family Tuibuabua (Malakai, Anaseini Ravesi and Elenoa Verevanua Tuibuabua) at Meigunyah in Nadi, Viti Levu. We have lost contact since then. It may be possible that Elenoa, or one of her friends, uses the internet and sees this page. It would be nice to know how they are doing...

Neyah Timisela and Maarten Waterloo

My best friend Neyah Waya Timisela (right in picture) had a son with whom he lost contact shortly after he was born. His son is called Jor-el (or Jorel) van Swaaij and his mother is Anneke van Swaaij. Jor-el was born on 12 April 1982 in Den Bosch, The Netherlands, where Neyah and Anneke lived for a while. I only saw Jor-el as a baby. Neyah and Anneke separated in 1983 and Neyah never saw his son anymore, which made him very sad. I am very curious as to what has become of Jor-el now that he has grown up. So Jor-el, if you ever visit this page, please feel free to contact me because it would be nice to talk to you and perhaps introduce you to your grandparents, your uncle Amacora Timisela and other family members... You can contact me at maartenwaterloo@netscape.net.

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