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Happy Chichester solo



2004     Live At The Aladdin Theatre, Portland, OR March 28, 2003     CD PopFly Music

1.   Here Come The Angel Furies
2.   dude?
3.   A Man Needs An Airplane
4.   White Devil
5.   If I Could Murder The Right Man
6.   F.W.I.N.A.
7.   You Are
8.   Artificial Fanfare (Music In My Head)
9.   Me & My Machine
10.   Alcohol
11.   Love Is All Around x 4

Happy Chichester: vocals & guitar. Board recording and F.O.H.: Sam Curtis. Video and room recording: Eric Myers. Recorded live at the Aladdin Theatre, Portland, OR on March 28, 2003.

2004     Howlin' Maggie & Happy Chichester Rarities CD     limited edition CDR

1.   Easy To Be Stupid (demo 1994)
2.   Wedding Gown (radio interview '96)
3.   Happy Live in Dayton, Ohio, July '04
   • White Devil
   • Artificial Fanfare (Music In My Head)
   • My & My Machine
   • dude?
   • Enjoy The Silence (Depeche Mode cover)
   • A Man Needs An Airplane
    • Sanctify
  • Here Come The Angel Furies
  • I'm A Slut (with Captain Of Industry)
4.   F.W.I.N.A. Happy's Remix (HYDE Out-take)


"Easy To Be Stupid" by Howlin' Maggie was later rerecorded for the soundtrack CD of "Beautiful Girls", but this demo version, recorded summer 1994 at OATH Studios in Columbus, OH, was actually used in the film. Harold Chichester: vocals, guitar & melodica, Andy Harrison: guitar, Jim Rico: bass, Jerome Dillon: drums.

"Wedding Gown" by Howlin' Maggie was recorded for WCBE radio, taken from the CD "Mixx on the fly - Live from Studio A - WBCE Vol. 4". Harold Chichester: vocals & guitar, Andy Harrison: guitar, Jim Rico: bass, Jerome Dillon: percussion.

"Happy Live in Dayton, Ohio" was recorded live at Elbo's on July 17, 2004. For "I'm A Slut", Happy was joined by Captain Of Industry. And then the recorder went berzerk... At least three other songs were played. Happy: vocals & guitar. "I'm A Slut": Happy: vocals & guitar, Nathan Peters: keyboards & vocals, Kevin Oldfield: guitar, Ian Sperry: bass, John Lakes: drums. Recorded by Greg Tudor.

"F.W.I.N.A." is Happy's remix from the "Hyde" track, done in 2001. Personnel on the original track are Happy Chichester: vocals, guitar & keyboards, Lance Ellison: guitar, Christian Hurd: bass, Carton Smith: drums. Recorded in Harold's studio in Columbus, Ohio. Additional recording with Tom Boyer at OATH Studios, Columbus, Ohio.


Notes: Self released by Happy and sold for a limited period through the official site in December, 2004.

2007     Lovers Come Back     CD PopFly Music

1.   Artificial Fanfare (Music In My Head)
2.   Commercial Flight
3.   My & My Machine
4.   A Man Needs An Airplane
5.   Lost Connection
6.   Sanctify
7.   You're Blowin' My Mind
8.   Shadows Remember The Day
9.   Silent Movie
10.   Lover
11.   Moonlight
12.   Street Machine Tableau
13.   dude?

Happy Chichester: vocals & instruments. Additional musicians: Gordon Cooper & Ben Fox: handclaps on "Artificial Fanfare (Music In My Head)", Carlos Fisher: outro drumming on "Lost Connection", Vickie Saunders & Middle Child: backing vocals on "Sanctify", Kevin Oliver: additional rhythm guitar on "Sanctify"; vocals on "Shadows Remember The Day", Foley: bass on "You're Blowin' My Mind", Megan Palmer: vocals on "Shadows Remember The Day", Jim Rico: powwow drums on "Shadows Remember The Day", Barry Hensley: pedal steel guitar on "Silent Movie" & "Lover", Kris Keith: flute, piccolo & baritone sax on "Moonlight", Mark Greenwood: trombone on "Moonlight", Chris Young: trumpet on "Moonlight".
Recorded by Happy Chichester at his home studio in Columbus, Ohio between 2002 and 2006. Mixed by Jeff Ciampa. Additional recording engineering by Jeff Ciampa, Sam McKinney, Jon Chinn, Jeff Farner & Jack Campitelli. Art, design, layout & photography by Manjari Sharma & Bill Gaines.

2012     Torchwood Loop     CD PopFly Music

1.   Battle
2.   Motorbike
3.   Ride
4.   Rose Scented Letter
5.   Messed Up
6.   Sexy Girl
7.   White Devil
8.   Li'l Nuff
9.   Glamorous Town
10.   Symphony Of Pain
11.   Thrill Of War
12.   December Is Cold

Happy Chichester: vocals & instruments. Additional musicians: Christopher Marion: violin and cello, Christian Howes: violin and viola, Jesse Bar: handclaps on "Motorbike" and "Ride", Kevin Oliver: guitar on "Li'l Nuff". Produced, arranged, composed by Happy Chichester. Strings on "Symphony Of Pain" and "Thrill Of War" produced by Christian Howes. Recording engineers: Jon Chinn, Jesse Bar, Marc DiCenzo, Gordon Cooper. Mix engineer: Jeff Ciampa. Design and layout by Regan Hagar. Image by Daniel Zetterstrom.



2015     Razorface (cover version)     digital single

1.   Razorface (cover version)

Happy Chichester: vocals & piano. Written by Elton John and Bernie Taupin. Recorded on Monday, May 18, 2015 as a tribute to the artist James Beoddy who died on May 13. Released on Happy's Bandcamp site on May 21, 2015.

2015     You're A Mean One, Mr. Grinch     digital single

1.   You're A Mean One, Mr. Grinch

Happy Chichester: vocals & guitar. A song from the cartoon "How The Grinch Stole Christmas" (1966). Written by Theodor "Dr. Seuss" Geisel and Albert Hague. Recorded on Sunday, December 14, 2014 in the Big Room at CD102.5 for the Andyman-A-Thon, a charity program for the Kids Charity. Released on Happy's Bandcamp site in September, 2015.

2016     Long Live Doug (Standing) (live)     digital single

1.   Long Live Doug (Standing) (live)

Happy Chichester: vocals & piano, Nathan Parker: drums & percussion. Recorded live on March 29, 2016 at the Rumba Caf้ in Columbus, OH. Released on Happy's Bandcamp site on April 7, 1916 to commemorate the 20 year anniversary of the first Howlin' Maggie album, "Honeysuckle Strange".

2016     Knocking At The Door     12" PopFly Music

1.   Knocking At The Door
2.   Factory Farm Blues

Happy Chichester: vocals & instruments. "Knocking At The Door" written by Happy Chichester and Shawn Smith. Additional musicians: Shawn Smith, Joey Hebdo, Jesse Henry: vocals, Nathan Parker: drums. "Factory Farm Blues" written by Happy Chichester. Additional musicians: Joey Hebdo, Jesse Henry: vocals, Nathan Parker: drums. Produced and recorded by Happy Chichester at Boa Trap, Columbus, OH. Recording assistence on "Knocking At The Door": Jesse Bar. Executive producer: Laura Chichester. Mixed by Barrett Jones at Laundry Room Studios, Seattle, WA. Pressed at Musicol in Columbus, OH. Artwork and layout by Regan Hagar. Photography: Chas Ray Koder. 500 copies on 180 gr. white vinyl, 8 copies on multi colored splatter vinyl, 8 test pressings on black vinyl. Includes digital download card. Some copies come with a signed, numbered and dated reproduction of the handwritten lyrics. Also, a few cd burned copies exist. Officially released on August 16, 1016.