I will be selling this "Pimping" kit as a "do it yourself" set, fully manufactured and ready to assemble (mounted) by you, the purchaser. It will come with a comprehensive set of assembly instructions to make it as simple as 1-2-3.
A variety of woods can be used for different and varied effects.
( Will show these woods at a later time.)
Pictured below are some pictures of the set you will receive.

These Pimp't mod kits will be made on an "made to order" basis,(at this time) and only when an order has been placed and paid for, will I make the set. The set will take approximately one week to complete and then be sent to you.

The cost of the set is 75,00 plus the cost of handling and shipping.
(The cost of shipping will be determined by where in the world it has to be sent.)

Let me pimp your Eleaf Aster© mod and dress it up to look like something strong and masculine or cool and sophisticated as depicted in the images below!
(More mod models to be added soon)
More images coming soon.........................check back from time to time!
If you would like to contact me.....email me at:
Eleaf© ASTER before pimping

Eleaf© ASTER after pimping

Eleaf©  ASTER in wood ( Palisander Santos)
click here for an enlargement!
( Palisander Santos)
( Palisander Santos)
  Palisander Santos.
Zebron Wood ( Zebra wood )                                   another wood option.
If you have come to this website hoping to see my paintings, you are going to be disapointed as I have removed them. It is no longer safe for me to display my artworks in public.(I could end up in jail....again) The Dutch authorities have ruled that my work is considered as "Child Pornography" and can not be shown to the general public................ I am so sorry! Thank you for your interest!
Here's what I can show you..........................!