Appendix A: Org Board of Management

Appendix B: Declaration by Member of the Danish Graphologist Society

Appendix C Probate Document of 15 May 1983 - Declaration of L. Ron Hubbard



Org Board of International Management

  Ann & Pat Broeker
   David Miscavige
Religious Technology Center               Author Services Incorporated
                                          (A profit-making corporation)

                                          Bridge Publications

                                          Church Legal

                                          Church Finance

                                          Church Corporate Affairs
Church of Scientology International       Marketing
Watchdog Committee
Commodore's Messenger Organization        International Finance Police
Executive Director International
Executive Strata
International Management Organization
Flag Operations Liason Offices            Scientology Missions International

'He who holds the power of an organization is that person who holds its communication lines and who is a crossroad of the communications,' (*How to Live Through an Executive*. L. Ron Hubbard)




Irmgard Wassard
Examined graphologist
Member of the Danish Graphological Society


_Declaration_ _concerning possible authenticity/spuriousness of signature by L. Ron Hubbard._

_Material_:- 2 doubtful signatures (photostatic copies)marked X and Y by me.

_Material for comparison_:- 2 original signatures marked H by me.

The examination of the above written material has led to the following result:-

The two doubtful signatures show so much mutual similarity in the writing movement and the shape of the letters, in the breaking-off of lines, the tilt, and not least in the chaos of big loops in the upper zone of the writing that there is

_a probability amounting almost to certainty_

a) that the two signatures have been made by the same person and

b) that that person is _not_ identical with the person (L. Ron Hubbard) who has signed his name on the appendices marked H, since the doubtful signatures show a multitude of deviations from the authentic writing which are typical of forgeries.

The result of the examination is based on the following observations:-

1. App. H: The writing movement is elastic
- XY: The writing movement is unelastic

2. App. H: The lines are predominantly unbroken
- XY: The lines are markedly broken (break-offs, holes)

3. App. H: The letters "ubbard" are clearly shaped and easily legible
- XY: The letters "ubbard" are unclearly shaped and partly difficult to read.



Irmgard Wassard 2.

4. App. H: 3 seperate loops in the upper zone
- XY: Only 2 loops in the upper zone + extra lines which cross the loops so that the whole upper zone becomes an entangled, overdimensional chaos whereas the same zone is clear to read in the authentic signatures.

5. App. H: The toploop of the H points upwards and bends slightly to the right
- XY: The toploop of the H is lying like an eiderdown on top of almost all of the last name.

6. App. H: There is great distance from the said right loop of the H to the top of the d, the leftwards movement of which forms an angle with the finishing line which points to the right.
- XY: The loop of the H and the top part of the "d" are entangled.

7. App. H: The change of writing direction in the top part of the "d" makes an acute angle.
- XY: The change of writing direction in the top part of the "d" forms an oval bow.

8. App. H: The letter d is written in one unbroken movement
- XY: In app. X the upstroke has been added later, and in fact in the wrong place. - In app. Y the upstroke has no connection with the basic curve.

9. App. H: The letters "bb" are written in an unbroken movement
- XY: The letters "bb" are separate; one b is illegible in App. X

10. App. H: The b's have a very short upper part.
- XY: The b's have a very long, towering upper part which either touches or crosses the transverse loop from the letter "H".

11. App. H: From basis to top the bs are 8-9 mm high
- XY: From basis to top the b's are 15, 17, and 19 mm high, respectively.

12. App. H: The letter "u" is written in an unbroken movement with the letters H and b
- XY: The letter "u" is completely isolated.

13. App. H: The angle of tilt in the b's is 58 (degrees)
- XY: The angle of tilt is the b's is 35 and 45 (degrees), respectively.



Irmgard Wassard 3.

14. App. H: The angle of tilt of the "n" is 130 (degrees) to the left
- XY: The angle of tilt of the "n" is 60 (degrees) to the right.

15. App. H: The upper and lower loops of the letter "l" are 10 and 9 mm long, respectively
- XY: The upper loops are 30 and 32 mm, respectively The lower loop is but a small, narrow crossing to two lines.

16. App. H: A cross section of the upper loop of the "H" measures 2 and 3 mm, respectively
- X: A cross section of the upper loop of the "H" is 3 mm
- Y: A cross section of the upper loop of the "H" is 9 mm.

17. App.XY: The letter L contains an extra line in the first, lower convexity which is parallel to the overlying line and the initial line of the L.
- Y: contains the same line in a shorter version within the convexity. Furthermore this line is broken off at both ends and has the same hook to the right on its top part.
- H: Nothing similar is found in App. H.

18. App. H: In the letter L there is great distance between the rightwards initial upstroke and the lower upstroke from he bottom loop, viz. 7 mm.
- XY: The same distance has been measured to and 1 mm, respectively.

19. Apart from all this, there are so many interruptions of the writing, interruptions of the line, added lines, irrelevant additions, omissions and failing imitations (marked by me with little red arrows) that the conclusion must be that there is _a_probability_amounting_almost_to_certainty_that_the_ _signatures_on_the_appendices_X_and_Y_are_forgeries_of_ _the_signature_of_L._Ron_Hubbard._

N.B. The phrase "a probability amounting almost to certainty" is the strongest phrase used in cases of this nature, also by the police.

It is my personal, honest belief that the doubtful signatures are _not_ authentic.

(Sign, I. Wassard)



I the undersigned Lisbet Pals Svendsen, official translator, hereby certify the foregoing text to be a true and faithful translation of the attached photostatic copy of declaration from Ms. I. Wassard in the Danish language produced to me this 28th day of March, 1984. It should be noted that the appendices marked H, X and Y have not been translated by me, but were handed to me along with the other material.

Witness my hand and official seal.

        (seal:)                   (signature of Lisbet Pals Svendsen)
 INTERPRES REGIA JURATA           Lisbet Pals Svendsen
  LISBET PALS SVENDSEN            Official translator and interpreter.

b. RTC hereby indemnifies LRH and agrees to hold his harmless from and against all liabilities, claims and actions of any kind, and costs, including attorney's fees, which relate to the Marks or services in connection with which they are used.

Signed in duplicate at Los Angeles, California on the date first above written.

(X) (fake LRH signature)
Lafayette Ronald Hubbard

(H) (LRH signature)





(H) (LRH signature)

L. Ron Hubbard

NOW, THEREFORE, for good and valuable consideration, the receipt of which is hereby acknowledged, said L. Ron Hubbard does hereby assign unto said Religious Technology Center all all of his rights, title and interest in and to the above-identified marks, registrations and applications for registrations, together with all goodwill symbolized by the marks.

(Y) Date: 15 June, 198 (fake LRH signature)
L. Ron Hubbard

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand and affixed by official seal, the day and year in this certificate first above written.

(signed David Miscavige)
Notary Public in and for Said
County and State


My comm. expires JAN 11, 1985



 1 |                                        (stamp)
 2 |                                         FILED
 3 |                                   RIVERSIDE COUNTY
 4 |                                      JUN 28 1983
 5 |                               WILLIAM E. BONERLY, Clerk (blurred)
 6 |                               (signature) R Flores Deputy
 7 |
10 |
11 | In the Estate of        )    CASE NO. 47150
12 |      L. RON HUBBARD,    )    (Probate)
13 |      A Missing person.  )    STATEMENT OF DECISION
14 | ________________________)
15 |     The court makes the following Statement of Decision:
16 |     The declaration of L. RON HUBBARD, dated May 15, 1983,
17 | is in Mr. Hubbard's handwriting with his fingerprint attached,
18 | and was executed after this action began.
19 |     The lack of information as to Mr. Hubbard's present residence
20 | address is a matter of choice by Mr. Hubbard.
21 |     Mr. Hubbard's business affairs are being taken care of to the
22 | satisfaction of Mr. Hubbard, and are not in need of supervision by
23 | this court.
24 |     Mr. Hubbard's constitutional right of privacy gives him a
25 | right to keep his residence a secret from the public and,
26 | therefore, he is not a Missing Person within the meaning of Probate
27 | Code 260.
28 | Dated:  June 27, 1983                 J. DAVID HENNIGAN
   |                                      -------------------
   |                                       J. DAVID HENNIGAN
   |                                       JUDGE OF THE SUPERIOR COURT



 2 |     I, L. RON HUBBARD, declare and say:
 3 |     1. I am the L. Ron Hubbard who is the subject of this
 4 | action, entitled _In re the Estate of L. Ron Hubbard_,
 5 | No. 47150. Although I have not appeared in this matter, and
 6 | do not intend to do so, as I shall explain further on in
 7 | this declaration, I am nevertheless familiar with this
 8 | proceeding.
 9 |     2. I am submitting thls declaration because I have
10 | been informed that the court in this case has indicated that
11 | it may not accept a letter sent by me to it, dated 3
12 | February 1983, but may be willing to accept a sworn statement
13 | from me. I am thus submitting this sworn declaration
14 | in a further effort on my part to put an end to this matter,
15 | although I do not frankly believe that there is any basis
16 | for this action even without my declaration. As with my
17 | previous letter, I am offering my fingerprint on each page
18 | of this declaration.
19 |     3. I am aware of this action, and I am aware that the
20 | basis of it is that my eldest son, Ronald DeWolf, from whom
21 | I have been estranged for over twenty years, contends that I
22 | am a missing person whose estate is in need of attention,
23 | supervision and care. I am further aware that he claims my
24 | health is bad, that I am not competent to handle my affairs,
25 | that I may be held prisoner against my will, and that my
26 | estate is being dissipated by Scientologists. All of this
27 | is totally false, malicious and ill-founded, as I will
28 | elaborate.               1         (initial and two fingerprints)



 1 |     4. With respect to Ronald DeWolf, I consider him
 2 | neither a friend nor a family member in the true sense of
 3 | the word. Although biologically he is my son, his hostility
 4 | and animosity to me are apparent and have been for years.
 5 | While I consider this an unfortunate situation, it is
 6 | nonetheless a fact. I have disinherited him by name in the
 7 | various wills I have prepared over the past many years; he
 8 | is disinherited in my current will; and I intend to disinherit
 9 | him in any future wills. In this regard, I do not
10 | wish to have turned over to the court or DeWolf my present
11 | will and inter-vivos trust as I consider them personal,
12 | private, and privileged documents, which are subject to
13 | disclosure only at the time of death. But I do think it is
14 | relevant that the court be aware that Ronald DeWolf is
15 | disinherited.
16 |     5. I am not a missing person. I am in seclusion of
17 | my on choosing. My privacy is important to me, and I do
18 | not wish it or my affairs invaded in the manner permitted by
19 | this action. As Thoreau secluded himself by Walden Pond,
20 | I have chosen to do so in my own fashion. I am actively
21 | writing, having published _Battlefield Earth_, and my _Space
22 | Jazz_ album; a projected ten volume work, _Mission Earth_, is
23 | in the pre-publication stage at the moment.  I am actively
24 | researching and writing a well in connection with the
25 | religion of Scientology, as I have over the past decades.
26 |     6. I do not intend to appear in this action as doing
27 | so would constitute a violation of my right to privacy, a
28 |                          2         (initial and two fingerprints)



 1 | right which is precious to me and which is protected by the
 2 | United States and California Constitutions. For the same
 3 | reasons, I do not choose to appear for any deposition as, I
 4 | am informed, this court has suggested I do.
 5 |     7. My affairs are not in need of attention,
 6 | supervision and care. My business manager, Author Services,
 7 | Inc., does a good job at handling my affairs, and I retain
 8 | complete control on all important matters, including signing
 9 | my own checks and receiving detailed and regular reports. I
10 | believe that Mr. Lyman Spurlock, of Author Services, Inc.,
11 | has explained this to the court. I have a fine battery of
12 | expert professionals who advise me as well. I believe that
13 | Mr. Spurlock and Sherman Lenske, an attorney who represents
14 | me in various business and financial affairs, have also
15 | explained this to the court. I meet all of my obligations,
16 | including tax obligations; support my wife; supervise my
17 | investments; and do all the other things attendant upon a
18 | responsible person's handling of his affairs.
19 |     8. Specifically, with respect to the allegations of
20 | mismanagement of my affairs contained in the Dewolf
21 | petition, I am aware of the circumstances of each. The
22 | allegations are false. There was an effort to pass a large
23 | forged check on my E. F. Hutton account in June, 1982, but
24 | it was those at Author Services who immediately ensured that
25 | it not be cashed and informed me; as a result, I wrote the
26 | Bank of New England and advised it that the check was not
27 | from me. The gems allegation is also false. Jim Isaacson
28 |                          3         (initial and two fingerprints)



 1 | did, at my direction, attempt to sell a small stone in the
 2 | summer of 1982, although he was not successful. I bought
 3 | some stones through Intercap, Ltd., around that same time.
 4 | These stones are in my possession and their purchase was
 5 | approved by me. I have transferred my religious trademarks
 6 | to the Religious Technology Center, but I retain full
 7 | ownership of any commercial applications of the marks as well
 8 | as full ownership of all my copyrights and patent rights, none
 9 | of which have been transferred. Contrary to the uninformed
10 | allegations of the petition, my trademark transfer involved
11 | no monetary loss. Finally, I and only I sign my name on any
12 | of my accounts or contract documents, etc. There is no
13 | truth to the allegation that anyone else signs my checks or
14 | other financial documents using my name.
15 |     9. My health is fine. Of course, I am older now than
16 | I used to be, but age come to us all. In my case, I am
17 | fortunate to be in good health and thus able to maintain my
18 | heavy daily work schedule. As to the claim of my incompetence,
19 | I do not intend to dignify it with a response. My life,
20 | my work, my activities, my publications, and my continuing
21 | handling of my affairs speak for themselves. Similarly,
22 | the absurd charge that I am being held prisoner is
23 | not worthy of response. Anyone who knows me knows how
24 | ridiculous such an idea is. Equally ridiculous is the idea
25 | that Scientologists would steal from me. Scientology is
26 | based upon the research, study and writing I have done over
27 | a lifetime, work I continue to this day. Scientologists are
28 |                          4         (initial and two fingerprints)



 1 | my most trusted associates and would never do anything to
 2 | harm me, much less hold me prisoner or steal from me.
 3 |     10. Since there apparently have been specific
 4 | allegations of wrongdoing by David Miscavige, I wish to take
 5 | this opportunity to communicate my unequivocal confidence in
 6 | David Miscavige, who is a long time devoted Scientologist, a
 7 | trusted associate, and a good friend to me. Any activities
 8 | which he may have engaged in at any time concerning my
 9 | personal or business affairs have been done with my knowledge
10 | and authorization and for my benefit. The charge that he
11 | is organizing the theft of my assets are completely false
12 | and not worthy of further comment than that.
13 |     11. Due to my concern for my own privacy, and also due
14 | to my concern for my personal security (there have been
15 | numerous threats against my life over the years), I have
16 | always kept my residence a complete secret or one known only
17 | to a few close confidants.
18 |     12. I realize that, to the court, my refusal to come
19 | forward may appear unusual. However, be that as it may, it
20 | is my choice and my right. As I explained in my earlier
21 | letter, I find this the most satisfactory way at present of
22 | avoiding the hurly burly of distracting things.
23 |     13. I am aware that my dear wife of over thirty years,
24 | Mary Sue, has appeared in this action to oppose this effort
25 | to appoint a trustee over my estate. I support her in this
26 | effort and am submitting this declaration in the hope and
27 | expectation that her position will be rapidly vindicated.
28 |                          5         (initial and two fingerprints)



 1 | Although we are presently apart, we remain husband and wife.
 2 | She is fully supported by me, and she, unlike DeWolf, is
 3 | fully provided for in my will.
 4 |     14. I have not wanted to repeat all the matters which
 5 | I recited in my earlier letter to this court, dated
 6 | February 3, 1983, but by this reference I incorporate them
 7 | as if fully set forth herein.
 8 |     15. I have personal knowledge of all the matters set
 9 | forth above and am competent to testify to them.
10 |     16. I respectfully request that this action now be
11 | terminated once and for all. I believe that it is brought
12 | maliciously, in bad faith, and certainly for motives other
13 | than protecting me, my estate or my heirs.
14 |     17. I will handwrite out the final portion of this
15 | declaration, which recites that it is sworn to under the
16 | laws of the State of California, in addition to the typed
17 | version, so that there will be ample handwriting with which
18 | to conduct a handwriting analysis.
19 |     I declare, under penalty of perjury and under the laws
20 | of the State of California, that the foregoing is true and
21 | correct.
22 |                                                  (LRH signature)
23 | Dated:                                          -----------------
24 | 15 May 83 (handwritten)                           L. RON HUBBARD
25 |
26 |
27 |
28 | 2F:DWLF:VI:DCL:LRH       6         (initial and two fingerprints)



 1 |
 2 |
 3 |
 4 |
 5 |
 6 |
 7 |
 8 |     I declare under penalty
 9 |     of perjury and under the laws
10 |     of the State of California,
11 |     that the foregoing is
12 |     true and correct.  (all handwritten)
13 |
14 |
15 |
16 |
17 |
18 |
19 |
20 |
21 |
22 |
23 |
24 |
25 |
26 |
27 |
28 |                          7         (initial and two fingerprints)


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