(*including abbreviations*)

A.D.                 After the publication of Hubbard's *Dianetics: the
                     Modern Science of Mental Health* in 1950, the
                     date adopted by the Church of Scientology as the
                     *fons et origo* of its religion. So 1986 = A.D. 36
AMA                  American Medical Association
AO                   Advanced Organization
AOLA                 Advanced Organization, Los Angeles
AO/SH                Advanced Organization/Saint Hill
ARC triangle         Affinity, Reality, Communication (the points of
                     the lower triangle of the church's symbol)
Auditing             Application of Scientology processes and
                     procedures to someone by a trained auditor.
Auditor              One who listens: person who trains preclears
Bridge, The          Stepladder of courses undertaken by students of
                     Scientology, from grades I to XII.
Buttons              Areas which produce a reaction (of pain or
                     embarrassment) in the student which need to be
                     'flattened' by auditing processes.
Case Supervisor      Someone who supervises the auditing of preclears
Clear                State attained by completion of the Clearing
                     Course at an advanced org in which 'engrams' are
                     removed during auditing.
CMO                  Commodore's Messenger Organization
Comm                 Communication
Comm Ev              Committee of Evidence - equivalent to a court
C/S                  Case Supervisor
DMSMH                Hubbard's *Dianetics: the Modern Science of
                     Mental Health*
DN                   Dianetics. From Greek words *dia* (through) and
                     *nous* (mind), though defined by the Church of
                     Scientology as 'through the soul'.



Dynamics             The eight drives/impulses in life. (*See page 22*)
E-Meter              Electrometer - a form of lie detector
Exec Sec             Executive Secretary - in charge of three divisions
                     of an org.
Engram               Incidents in past life which prevent a person from
                     becoming 'Clear'.
Fair Game            Controversial doctrine promulgated by Hubbard
                     allowing enemies to be 'lied to, cheated,
FBI                  Federal Bureau of Investigation (US)
FDA                  Food and Drug Administration (US)
Flag                 The Church of Scientology's marine mission was
                     commonly referred to as Flag. Although no Sea
                     Org vessels are in operation today, the term Flag is
                     still used in the Sea Org.
Flag Land Base       This base offers services which were formerly only
                     available on the *Apollo* (flagship of the Sea Org).
FOI                  Freedom of Information Act
FOLO                 Flag Operations Liaison Office
GO                   Guardians' Office. The administrative bureau for
                     the Church of Scientology which handled
                     finances, public relations, social and legal matters.
                     It was active in defending the church, and its
                     personnel were executives of Scientology.
Guardian             Formerly the most senior executive of
                     Scientology. This office and the GO were
                     abolished after its leaders were convicted of
                     criminal offences in 1979-80.
HASI                 Hubbard Association of Scientologists
HCO                  Hubbard Communications Office: in charge of the
                     Org Board, of personnel, of inspection and of
                     ethics. Orders are issued from this office.
HCOB                 Hubbard Communications Office Bulletins. Said
                     to be written by L. Ron Hubbard only. Usually
                     written or printed in red on white paper.
HCO PL               Hubbard Communications Office Policy Letter.
                     Orders or directions for Scientology policy.
                     Written or printed in green on white paper.
                     Formerly signed by L. Ron Hubbard.
Hubbard Dianetic     The first organization of Dianetics in the United
Research Foundation  States
IRS                  Inland Revenue Service (US)
LRH                  L. Ron Hubbard, founder of Dianetics and



MEST                 The physical universe. Matter, Energy, Space and
Mission              A group granted permission to deliver elementary
                     Scientology and Dianetic services but without the
                     Church of Scientology's status and rights.
MSH                  Mary Sue Hubbard
NAMH                 National Association for Mental Health (US)
N.E.D.               'New Era Dianetics': the original version of
                     Dianetics overhauled and improved by L. Ron
                     Hubbard in 1978.
Org                  Organization. (Each org is divided into seven
                     divisions. Each division is headed by a secretary
                     and has three departments. A director is the head
                     of a department.)
Org Board            The structure of the organization showing its
                     divisions, departments, personnel and their
                     functions, and lines of communication.
OT                   Operating Thetan - advanced state of Clear
Out-Ethics           Situation in which the individual acts against the
                     best interests or ideals of his group.
Out-Tech             Situation where Scientology is not being applied
                     or is incorrectly applied.
Overts               Acts of omission or wrongdoing
O/W                  Overts or withholds
pc                   preclear (from pre-clear). Individual who hasn't
                     yet attained the state of Clear but is being audited
                     towards it.
PDC                  Philadelphia Doctorate Course Lectures
PTS                  Potential Trouble Source (someone hostile to
Purification Rundown Health programme devised by L. Ron Hubbard
                     using vitamins, exercise and sauna baths.
R2-45                Release by means of being shot with a Colt. 45
RPF                  Rehabilitation Project Force, a form of
                     punishment in which the offender has to do 'hard
                     labour' such as cleaning toilets or manual labour.
Saint Hill           Location of the worldwide headquarters of
                     Scientology at East Grinstead, Sussex. It is also the
                     UK Advanced Org (AOSH UK). The abbreviation
                     'SH' also applies to any organization authorized to
                     deliver upper-level Scientology courses: e.g,
                     American Saint Hill Organization (ASHO), the
                     Advanced Organization and Saint Hill in
                     Denmark (AOSH EU) and Saint Hill Europe
                     (SH EU).



Scientology          Defined by the Church of Scientology as 'from the
                     Latin *scio* (knowing in the fullest sense) and Greek
                     *logos* (study)...the science of knowledge'.
                     The church's symbol is the letter 'S' threaded
                     through two triangles.
Scientologist        Defined by the church as 'one who understands
Sea Org              According to the Church of Scientology
                     definitions this is 'a fraternal organization existing
                     within the formalized structure of the Churches of
                     Scientology. It consists of highly dedicated
                     members of the church who take vows of eternal
                     service. The Sea Org's life-style of community
                     living is traditional to religious orders'.
Sec Check            Security Check
Somatics             Mental or physical illnesses
SP                   Suppressive Person: one who suppresses those
                     around him or seeks to damage Scientology or a
                     Scientologist by suppressive acts.
Standard Tech        Following standard procedures
Stats                Statistics
Synergetics          One of the breakaway movements from the
                     Church of Scientology.
Tech                 Technology: the application of the precise drills
                     and processes of Scientology.
Thetan               Spirit. Also the immortal element in an individual.
Time Track           An individual's past history which may include
                     past lives. Auditing enables the subject to recall
                     incidents on the Time Track.
Tone-scale           The main gradient of Scientology (*see page 23*)
Touch Assist         Touching injured or affected body areas to assist
                     the patient in healing.
TR                   Training regimens or drills
Upper Indoc TRs      Upper Indoctrination TRs, the drills that teach the
                     CCHs (Communication, Control and Havingness).
WFMH                 World Federation for Mental Health
Withold              Unspoken or withheld transgression against the
                     moral code.


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