Scientology reaching into Israeli school system
(Scientology-linked For Progressive Education in Israel exposed)

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Dei'ah veDibur - 6 October 1999
Lev L'Achim Wages Battle Against Scientology Cult

A number of months ago, Lev L'Achim learned that cult members were trying to open a kindergarten and elementary school on a rented site in the agricultural village of Mikveh Yisrael, south of Tel Aviv. Dozens of boys and girls already enrolled in these schools.

Dei'ah veDibur - 21 March 2001
Lev L'Achim Demands Closure of Scientology School

On 20 Adar (March 15), Lev L'Achim appealed to the High Court to issue an order to prohibit the Education Ministry from granting a license to the Atid school of the Scientology cult. In addition, it has demanded that the Ministry retract its approval of Scientology textbooks recently approved for use.

Dei'ah veDibur - 4 April 2001
High Court To Deliberate on Lev L'Achim Appeal to Prevent Recognition of Scientology School

High Court Justice Tova Strassberg-Cohen, ruling on a petition filed by Lev L'Achim against the Education Ministry demanding that it prevent licensing of a Scientology cult school, has decided to transfer the case to a panel of three judges. She determined that deliberation on the petition must take place by June, which is prior to the beginning of the next school year, 5762 (2001-2).

Dei'ah veDibur - 18 April 2001
Lev L'Achim Launches Campaign to Fight Scientology

Two months ago, parents of third graders at a Tel Aviv public school contacted Lev L'Achim when they discovered that a workbook written by the founder of scientology was being used in an after-school enrichment program. Parents who confronted local education officials were told not to worry. The book may have been written by a scientology adherent, the officials said, but the subject matter is "unrelated." After failing to persuade the school to drop the text, Lev L'Achim hired lawyer Tomer Moskowitz to file suit in the Israeli Supreme Court, contending the workbook violates Israeli laws against forced conversion of children.

Dei'ah veDibur - 23 May 2001
Education Ministry To Close Scientology Cult Atid School

Deputy Education Minister Meshulem Nahari has announced that the Education Ministry will close the Scientology cult- backed Atid school. The school, in which scores of students from the Dan Bloc study, will be closed before the opening of the next school year. The announcement was made in response to a parliamentary question presented by MK Rabbi Moshe Gafni.

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