Scientologist babies crawling on urine-soaked carpets

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Independent of  9 December 1993

The document is a copy of an internal inspection of the premises by cult members on 18 September. In all, there are 190 people listed as living in the main house and in various outhouses, including a boathouse. Among these are at least 24 children who live in dormitories separate to their parents. The cult official who inspected these rooms noted: 'Smell of wet beds and bleach . . . smell of wet beds needs to be handled.'

Evidence of disturbing neglect of Scientology children?
By Chris Owen, Jun 1997  (en Français)

[I]nspection of Scientology-owned houses in East Grinstead, Sussex: Children have to sleep up to 8 in a single room - Children's rooms stated to "smell of wet beds"; one room "smells of the dog"

Social Control in Scientology by Bob Penny

I had left L.A. with reservations, after such experiences as observing unattended babies crawling on urine-soaked carpets (at a place called the Cadet Org), and hearing recruiters clearly advocate breaking promises to friends, families, and employers ("we can handle that").

Stephen A. Kent of the Department of Sociology, University of Alberta
Scientology -- Is this a Religion? (en Français / in Italiano)

Researchers always must be cautious in accepting as fact the account of a single person, but I heard similar stories about the condition of children's facilities in Scientology's child care program on the other side of the American continent -- Los Angeles, California. The person who related the account had occasion to visit the children's facility (called the Cadet Org) in the late 1970s or early 1980s, and she saw an infant who was the child of a man she knew. This child, she stated: was very, very ill and she was laying in a urine soaked crib and she was -- she just had her diaper on.... She had lots of like little fruit flies and gnats on her body and she had been so ill that she had tremendous amounts of mucous plugging her nose and her eyes were, like, welded shut with mucous and I, I just snapped in my head (Kent Interview with Pat, 1997: 34).

Blüm denounces Scientology
Hamburger Morgenpost of 4.12.96  ( auf Deutsch )

There was said to have been numerous hygiene problems, according to Hamburg Sect Commissioner Ursula Caberta in an interview - from soiled bed sheets to cat droppings on the carpet. Only one over-worked custodian was seeing to the infants, some of whose eyes were infected with filth. Another sect kindergarten by the name of "Happy Kids" on Finkenau is under observation, and has received a warning from the Office for Youth.

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