Hello anyone on the World Wide Web, welcome to my Homepage!

My name is Lino and I am 54 years young, living in the Netherlands better know as Holland to many people

I work with the Dutch Railway Company NS as a stationmaster combined with trafficruler on the tracks of the station of Rotterdam, you know the Worlds largest Port and Mainport to Europe

I have skipped 10 years in Updating my Internet page, so it was outdated and my collection has changed severely!

I changed from having lots of homecomputers to having a large collection of IBM computers, ranging from XT to the latest IBM’s for all I do is on IBM computers or laptops, the latest additions ofcourse from Lenovo, as the company that has taken over the pc division since 2005 or so

Also the big buisness machines as the short lived RT series and the still very much alive RS/6000 series, but only the older machines til the 44P150.

The biggest part the PC range from IBM is present, from the PC up to the PC Servers, many Thinkpads and other portables/workpads.  I learned much about IBM background from the enormous site of IBM itself and sites like MCA page, PS/2 page and the vast amount of info by Louis Ohland.

Still my passion are Gameconsoles, calculators and computer related things as Chess and Dame computers.  This started due to a shortage of new old computers and because there are a lot of these items around which are really interesting, such as a Damecomputer ( I never knew that there were, I did knew chesscomputers)  and have you ever seen a Racetrack computer for calculating your chances for betting on a Horse in a horsetrackrace!!!!!!!!! build 1979,  well I recently got one, still in it's box as new, although I bought it as a calculator , I was surprised  when I found out what it really was.

With collecting calculators there seems to be no limit as with computers, so after many brands I do only stick to Texas Instruments, most of the others have gone by now

Under Construction! Since 05-06-2011


Sorry, but I am no Linguist, so pardon my spelling or phrasing in English  (and Dutch).

This page is now undergoing changes with the help of my friend Tom.

Updated 05-06-2011

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Home is where the hart is, this is my workspace at home !

Comming back soon!

And this is one of the places where I stack a lot of my Computerstuff!