Oresund bridge

The Oresund bridge between Denmark and Sweden is a highway and track combined bridge. As a fun project to learn how to make Trainz assets via Blender, I decided to create that bridge. On this page you find some screenshots of my work.

Screenshot from Blender:

120m segment

Screenshots from Trainz 12:

Pillar and 140m segment

Overview towards high point

High point (490m main span)

Top view high point (490m main span)

Top view Peberholm connection

On track level Peberholm connection looking towards the bridge
The border between Denmark and Sweden on the bridge

Close-up of the connection between the bridge and land on the Sweden side.

Almost ready to publish:

To get a better idea how huge this thing is, I have put a container ship next to it.

Border shot from a train point of view.

A new overview picture taken from Peberholm in the direction of Sweden.

For a demo of this bridge, I made some more work of Peberholm.