Goodbye Seti Classic

I've been a classic-cruncher for many a year
and I've spent all me money on electricity and gear
now I'm returning with WU's in great store
and I never will run seti-classic no more


and it's no, nay, never
no nay never no more,
will I run seti-classic,
no never, no more

I went to a forum, I used to frequent,
and I asked the seti staff: "Will this be the end?"
and in a reply they answered me nay
'cause with BOINC everybody will be okay


I gave it a try but it didn't work out
I went back to the forum and I gave a shout:
I've got problems with BOINC I can't get it to run
And with seti-classic it was way more fun


I went to me parents, confessed what i've done
and asked them to pardon their SETI'ing son
I was just thinking "it was better before"
I never will run seti-classic no more

refrein (2X)

Lyrics by: S@NL-FilmFreak
Sound by: S@NL-XP_Freak

Original: Irish drinking song, The Wild Rover
The songs is of undetermined origin

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