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Dear Barry ,

Oh , I cannot imagine , what a great loss this world has to have with your going to heaven .As I am a D.J. for about 30 Years now , I can remember the day I played my first records in public , when I played " You're the first , the last..." back in1976, for the first time I played music for life audience, ha, it was incredible the feeling that record gave to the crowd, I must admitt, no other record in my basket made people dance , enjoy themselves as his one.
Now , in my dj.carreer, I cannot imagine there was one night that I didn't play your records , because I and my fans loved your music so much , you brought happiness in so much lives !
Now, Dear barry , I remember also the only time I saw a concert of you , it was in Brussels /Belgium a few years ago , and it was such a good and deepfull experiance to see you live on stage , to listen and to look at you ...jezus..I cried like a little child , it was so incredible good .
Barry , I really thank you , I really thank you for your music , that special music you gave to all of us, my dj.carreer wouldn't been the same without your music.
I also have a video at home of a concert you did in Ghent/Belgium.I guess it must have been 8 years ago now, I keep this video close to my heart , because everytime I look at it ...I see you , hear you and you may be sure , you will allways be my idol , my super music maestro.
There will never be another you , Barry , rest in peace.
My condolences to all the people who gave their love to you , who have you in their heart, and especially to your family .

Marc Thys ( ex- Dj, Hoenderhof/Hoeselt- Ritz/Hasselt-Le Castell/Hasselt)

Hi, Uncle Barry. It’s been a year since your death and I still can’t believe you are gone. I can hardly type because it still hurts to know you are gone and I can’t speak to you. I love you Barry and thanks so much for all you ever did for me.

You’ll be missed

Love, me-me

Greetings to heaven for you –Barry…I never forget you

Let the music play…forever





De verdad no existen palabras para describir la enorme perdida para el mundo de los amantes de la musica la partida del Gran Maestro Barry White. Su musica es un regalo de Dios, bellisima. Barry White fue un verdadero heroe de la musica, se atrevio a crear, componer y arreglar piezas musicales de una forma jamas intentada por nadie con anterioridad y lo que consiguio fueron verdaderas obras maestras, verdaderas piezas clasicas adornadas con su tremenda voz. Su obra perdurara por siempre mientras haya un altavoz en la tierra.
Descanse en paz Gran Maestro Barry White.
Con respecto y admiracion sus admiradores de San Felipe, CHILE

On July 4, 2003, a part of me died. Here it is now February 14, 2005, and it hurts even more today. I was in my car,and the radio played Let The Music Play. I absolutely lost it. My sincerest condolences goes out to his family. I just want them to know that HE WILL NEVER DIE. BARRY LIVES inside of me. I was blessed with a voice exactly like Barry's. When I worked as an operator, people always compared me to him. There is no comparison. I have loved him my entire life, and I am 37 years old. I feel his love every day. That is his legacy. Barry will live forever.

Jerry Gray

un homme courageux, humble,d`une grande gentillesse, sensible !!!!!!!!!!!!
il a apporte a la musique, une des plus grande voix du 19 siecle , innegalee a ce jour .

alinek - ( Ostróda-) Poland

Thank You Barry...
Your voice is just like a balm for my soul...
I'll always love You...

Alice / Poland

"I always remember the only artist who make me cry when i am listen to his music“

Wilfried VAN GREMBERGEN from belgium

Peace to everybody and in special to the “Soul Community“

Quando soube da morte de Barry White fiquei chocado pois era um sonho que tinha de ver pelo menos um concerto. Só ouço a músicade Barry White. Pena que em Portugal haja pouca coisa sobre ele.Sou um Grande Fã.

God bless you Barry White and your family. Thank you. You are alive yet.

De Fernando Pimenta - Portugal.

I'm fifty five years old and was brought up listening to Barry White songs.The most notable thing that i can say about the maestro is his music came in a time that there were revolutions in music and politics.He brought one thing that the world needs more of.Love and harmony in his music that's truly needed nowadays.There will never be another one like him.The true maestro of love.


Barry was a true genius in the real sense of the word. He was a perfect singer, songwriter, and artist supreme. I will miss him very deeply, he was on in a million, and my all time favourite will always be, JUST ANOTHER WAY TO SAY I LOVE YOU. The track is just sheer magic and I have a very happy memory of when I first heard it.

Rest in peace Barry and remember that you tried to bring peace and love to the world. May we all try to live up to that. God keep you and God rest your soul.

Talvolta, ascoltando la musica dell'amico Barry (cio' accade ancor oggi, con piacere e frequenza immutati), mi soffermo a pensare quanto essa sia stata e sia tuttora importante per me.
Tra le varie fortune che hanno sinora contraddistinto la mia vita, dall'amore della mia compagna alla nascita di mio figlio, dalla longevita' dei miei genitori ad un lavoro che mi ha permesso di girare il mondo, posso senz'altro annoverare anche la gioia che Barry e la sua musica mi hanno trasmesso nel tempo.
E' stato per me un amico con il quale ho condiviso sensazioni e sogni da adolescente.
E' oggi per me un amico con il quale condivido sensazioni e sogni da uomo maturo.
Sono certo che il sogno continuera'.

Ciao, Barry!

Edoardo - Roma, Italia

Peter I had the pleasure to be at Barry's book signing in LA, I will never forget both of you, I miss Barry so much, but I still have all of his music.
I'm his # 1 fan from Guadalajara, Mexico and the youngest starting fan, I was only 8 years old when I fell in love with him and his music.
Thanks god bless him.

Barry White tu es blanc.
Barry White tu es mort.
Barry White tu es ressucité.
Barry White ta bite nous manques.

Today is Barry White Death' Day.

We can never forget the best, the big and all time best singer for soul: Barry White.

We love you, Barry!

A fan originary from Mali, West Afrika, living in Paris

The world has lost a star and a very dear friend,but heaven won an angel.Glodean,I send you my deepest condolences and I pray for you to find again your beautiful and loving angel, someday.May God protect you and your family ...


Barry je t’ai découvert alors que je n’avais que 10 ans et par tes chansons j’ai découvert, l’amour, les sentiments

Le bien être en t’écoutant chanter.

Depuis que tu es parti il m’arrive souvent de fredonner une de tes chansons et je frissone de plaisir.

Tu es sans doute avec les anges maintenant car tu en étais un.


Also where the White of the sky exists... You are always the best
and your music and life

Durfus Morgan

Nuestras condolencias

Su voz nos trae muchos recuerdos


Homero Leos

Barry, Deine Musik war immer eine Bereicherung in meinem Leben. Sie hat mit sehr
geholfen. Manchmal bin ich sehr traurig, wenn ich heute Deine CDs höre oder eine
DVD von Dir sehe. Aber oft denke ich voller liebevoller Dankbarkeit an Dich.
Barry, you are the King of Soft-Soul - forever. Thank you and let the Music
play.... God bless. Thomas - Frankfurt/Germany

I just found out about Barry's death (forgive me but i live a sheltered life since i've been married) I would listen to Barry's music while i made love, when i was single, Barry gave a new meaning to love making. Terry

Barry White truly had "Staying Power" as evidenced by the for mentioned tune and "Practice What You Preach", two monumental comeback hits, but the biggest surprise of all was "Love's Theme" where Barry is truly the maestro, showcasing his orchestral talent. This song rocketed to the No. 1 spot with many people not even knowing it was Barry. Barry White was the consummate performer and he will be missed.

The unmistakable musical style of Barry White, remains in order always on this planet, to testify its limitless artistic talent, sin that has prematurely left in, irreplaceable how much should be its musical genius us. Shoul be always near to us

Thank you  [ BARRY ]              Soulouice dj man   from   Gaeta  -  Italy

merci pour votre musique,vous etiez un grand monsieur!lorsque j ai apris votre deces j ai ete vraiment tres triste,heureusement vous nous laissé votre musique,et par son biais nous ne vous oublierons vous adore vos chansons et surtout votre voix me font fremir,en attendant de vous rejoindre au paradis i let your music play..........

anne-sophie de vannes.

Barry thanks for the most beautiful music moments of my live. I hope that you give all the people where you are now the same. When they listen too your music maybe they change a little and maybe there comes a little more LOVE and understanding in there harts. 

I thank you for all those beautiful moments.                            Peter Dijksman

Barry, j'ai 42 ans et j'écoute ta music depuis plus de 20 ans.Personne au monde pourra te remplaçer.Merçi pour toute cette merveilleuse musique. Tu restera pour toujours graver dans mon coeur.

D.J. Rudi de Belgique.

Just listening to Barry, can't believe that the Voice he is gone. thank God for modern recordings, they keep him alive. longer than Elvis, the Beatles, etc. love his voice, wish i'd heard it live. he was amazing, is amazing, will be amazing forever. he was, and will be forever, the voice.

hi i am one of barry's numerous fans out here in Nigeria. I missed him and am forever going to remember barry white as the 'WALRUS OF LOVE'



Just wanted to let everyone know that Barry and Luther both played a part in getting my exwife of 15yrs back together I'm a 39 yr old white male and I absolutely love and always have loved Barry White and Luther Vandross

Rest in peace Barry



My great condolences, from URUGUAY a litlle country in South America Barry is and was a great man I love his music.


4 years which you left us, your music rocked my youth I would never forget you.

Thank you Mr Barry White

My dear Barry !

You're The First, The Last, My Everything. This is your secret. This is your Music. Since 1970, your Love Theme is the beginning of every evening as DJ. A song for the eternity - just like you!

Norbert Pleuss, Bedburg (Germany)

Hey Big Man

Let the music play

Well yours certainly does in my house

Miss you so much


Norma, UK

On the last five years the soul music became poorer; theres no more Barry White's new albun, theres no more the expectative for his new arrangments and songs.

The soul music is loosing it's by one, the great crooners are going away: Barry White, Luther Vandross, Lou's so sad.

Barry, in particular, gone too soon; 58 years old is nothing today...Billy Paul is still singing and touring at his 80's, and still souds fine!!!

I really would like to attend Barry's concerts for many years up-front, but his ilness took him from us.

I think God is a happier guy now, just because Barry is singing there in heaven everyday.

R.I.P Maestro...We will always love you...

Inácio Loiola - From Rio de Janeiro Brazil.

5 years after you gone you still in my soul and your music still here each day,i miss the voice that god give's you.

now you sing for the angels.

love ya barry,forever in my heart.

Manel Montoro

ciao...sono stato  e sono anche oggi un fans di barry, ho tutta la sua discografia e musica...ogni volta che l'ascolto è sempre una sensazione ed emozione nuova...impossibile dimenticarlo,...mi ha  dato e continua a darmi infinite emozioni! la voce,la musica,la dolcezza posta nel generare sensazioni a chi ascolta...indimenticabile!!! un saluto,gian pietro cagliari(sardegna-italy)

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