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The music, the passion. the very best, still reaching soul lovers, keep his music alive.

Jon (London) 






I am a big fan of Barry White. I loved him dearly. Whenever I was feeling down about anything I would play any one of his songs; and Iwould feel much better. I was very, very sadden when I heard the news of his death. God Bless his family. Even though I never met Mr. White in person, Ican tell he was a beautiful man. I will love him forever.


We are so sad...the world has lost the greatest Maestro of Music. Thank you, Barry, for your wonderful songs and your very lovely voice. Nobody can bring so much love to the people. Your words will always be magic. Your music enrich our life every day and kept us alive when we had sad times. Nobody can step into your place, you are the best. We´ll never forget the concert in Bremen-Germany with Earth, Wind and was one of the best times we´ve ever had.And we think your words are so true..."What ever we had, we had" ! You will be in our hearts and souls forever and we will definitely miss you forever. You have touched our soul so soft.   THANK YOU !!!   We wished we are the moon that was blessed your sleep !

Linda - Janine Kaufmann & Jutta Lange Bremen - Germany

I don't know why I don't know why... can't get enough of your love baby... You will be missed always.

Prince & Christine McGruder

Cuando alguien canta con la voz y la melodia de Barry es fácil que te llegue al corazón. En el corazón su voz nos acercó a la persona y sentimos ahora su partida como la de uno de los nuestros. Afortunadamente tu voz nos acompañará siempre. Un abrazo Barry.

Saludos Maestro.

Inaki Irastorza 

Me and my friends from Argentina will miss him. We have been his fans since the beginning of his career. Our condolences to Barry's family and friends.

Gladys, Pedro, Jorge y Omar

My earliest forays into the world of relationships always included Barry White. For my thirtieth class reunion I made sure I played the Maestro's best stuff. Barry White made it a beautiful reason to be with women anytime.                                                                                            Michael Gentis

I remember a great concert of Barry in Bari, Italy. I'm an old fan of The Maestro. Spero di rivedere Barry in qualche Suo concerto in Dvd. E' un appello che rivolgo alla Sua famiglia.  Salvatore Ruvo di Puglia Bari Italy 

"The Starlight never ends, specially, for those who gets its shine locked in their hearts"   - A LUZ DE UMA ESTRELA NUNCA SE APAGA, PRINCIPALMENTE, PARA OS QUE TÊM O SEU BRILHO GUARDADO NO CORAÇÃO"   "When two people the same feelings, they meet each other through the music"   - QUANDO DUAS PESSOAS POSSUEM OS MESMOS SENTIMENTOS, ELAS SE ENCONTRAM, ATRAVÉS DA MÚSICA.   Midnight, the stars, and you, Barry white. (Morada do Sol - Uberlandia - Brazil)     Your Friend Brazilian - JOSÉ APARECIDO FONSECA

My name is Sarah and I'm 15 years old. I was absolutely torn apart when I learnt Barry had passed away. I'd grown up listening to his music. I can remember being about nine and getting up on stage ans singing my heart out to My first, My last, My everything. And I know to many people, Barry was their first, their last, their everything. The world of music has lost one of it's biggest influences ever. Best wishes to all his family and friends and everyone who ever worked with him. I can imagine this would be a difficult time.   Sarah C (from Scotland)

I am so deeply saddened by the passing of the wonderful Mr. Barry White.  I can remember like it was today, my first concert at 16 at Radio City Music Hall.  Barry had his orchestra which was made up of exclusively women and of course the fabulous Love Unlimited ladies.  When Barry wore a white tuxedo, the ladies wore black.  When Barry arose out of the orchestra pit in a black tuxedo, the ladies wore white.  The sights and sounds of that truly magical night are forever embedded in my mind and soul.

Barry will always live on in my house and when I join him in the unknown, I will shake his hand and he'll give me a big bear hug!  My daughters will play his music and their children will too.  Mr. Barry White's lovely melodies are timeless.

Love and peace to family and friends and all those hurting and dealing with this loss.  Keep Barry in your heart and he will be with us forever.

Ana Llompart

I want Barry's family and friends to know that they have my deepest sympathy. I have been a big fan of Barry White and his Love Unlimited for many years I first heard of Barry White. Barry will remain a legacy in my life. A king of music is dead but his music and voice will stay heard till the and of times. Barry you and youre voice helpt me with my first love and also with diffecult times that I had. Barry I hope you now with Frank a good Budy of my how was also a big fan the voice, words and music. May he rest in peace. To all the fans Let his music play.

love you

Gideon Calis, The Netherlands

I am still searching for you Barry. I love you Barrya very special part of you will live on forever. Thefacilitator of love and happiness and the real deal.Quite simply, the First, Last and everything cause Ijust cant' get enough of you. I pray for your family.When we find love it should be A Secret Garden andalways Ectasy. Our house will let your music play andI promise to pratice what I preach.

Just loving Barry White my angelcakemaker.

I have been a big Barry White fan since my senior year of high school, when I heard the song "Practice What You Preach". I sang in choir for two years, sang second bass, and ever since then my voice has gotten somewhat lower since then. I have faithfully karaoked for the last year and all I do sing are Barry White songs. I have been told that I am the only white guy who can sing Barry White songs, and even recently got told I have "Barry White down pat" by the lead singer of the Platters, at the Michigan State Fair. The news of hearing Barry White die drove a stake right through my heart and has only inspired me to keep his music alive, and even now the requests to do his songs only get more and more common!  Barry, you had a hard long road for the last 30 or so years, you are the man, you were and still are the best entertainer in music history, you are the first, the last, my everything, and I will do everything in my power to ensure that your music stays alive in everyone I sing for. Thank you so much!  R.I.P my man  :o) 

my prayers belongs to the white family barry white a talented soul singer ofall time and thanks to tapes and cds and television concerts barry white insoul music history his legned will grow forever i always be his number one fan

signed omar montgomery

cher Barry White

Tant et tant d 'annees qui ont berce ma jeunesse et de merveilleux souvenirs au son de ta musique
45 ans aujourd'hui j'en avais 14 lorsque je t'ai entendu la premiere fois et mes enfants ont danse sur ta musique. pourquoi es-tu parti si vite?
tu restera a jamais dans ma memoire et ta musique continuera d'accompagner ma vie
merci pour ton amour


The Music-World had lost one of the best!He was my favorite Musician when I heard him the first Time.All Fans of Soul-Music are missing him and his Special-Sound.Barry, I wish you a good Time in your new Life.Your Music on Earth are never end!

Klaus Schenten,Germany

Barry was a part of our live. He belongs to our heart, he will allways stayalive. Barry, thank you for your music and the spirit you gave to us. Wewill see you somehow, somewhere !God bless you !

Guido Cremer and friends


hey everybody, I still dont believe that the best singer in the  whole world is dead now, My Father used to always listen to Barry's sweet voice and I used to hate it , but when I grew up and understood whats Barry is trying to reach in his songs; I loved it , and I'll always do.Barry your the one who tought me the true meaning of love & songs. May God Bless Your Soul. Love To Barry.

Please send my love to Barry's family.  Barry's ways of life, his music and what he meant to everyone.  its so presses that no one can ever take that away from us.  My love goes out to his family, I know how they are feeling with the lost of some one so dear to them.

Barry White will be sadly missed  

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