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I first remember Barry as a mere 10 year old I didn't understand all of whathe was singing about but I had a clue. And what a clue it turned out to be.His voice is enough to send chills up and down your spine. I have loved himsince I was 10. My husband became my TeddyBear because of Barry.


Missing you

Sharonda Johnson

Q descanse en paz el maestro nunca te olvidare has representado mucho para mi alo largo de mi vida grandes momentos acompañandome por siempre en mi corazon

September 5th 2003

What can you say about a man that will never be forgotten and greatly missed by the whole music and everybody's world, to write and sing songs as he did he will be remembered for all time.

David Griffiths.
Manchester UK.

I never knew Barry White except for his music but this was all I needed.Evn tho' I grew up on Thrash emtal, Eagles and Blues, I loved Barry'sorchestration and his beautiful deep voice.His music touched me and others in a way that noone else will, he will besorely missed and noone, NOONE else will better what he has done for music.Rest easy Barry...

Luke Elwick, Manchester UK

No words, lot of tears in my eyes...very bad news for me Barry...but everyone know, you are the best and forever. Budeš mi chybět kamaráde...

Jan Chmelík, Czech Republic

Barry was a famous characters of our's life. He was the best and I'm very disappointed. I'm french and we love him in france too, like in every country of the world. Just a last word: Barry, you were and you ARE still a winner, the best.

What to say, such a sad loss, but his music will last forever. There are so many memories attached to his songs, things that happened and things got through because of it. I just wish I had some of the 70's ones, but memories will have to do.

Rowena Collier

I will miss you,
My first, My last, My everything,
Rest in peace.
Linda  Uk.

I love this man always have and always will, until the day I die.

love u always Barry White love Sonia (England)

My condolence to the White family we did lost a great man i'm a true fan he is the man he will play in my wedding. Love you Barry look out for us i will try follow in your music path    God bless

thank you Barry............i love jou...........forever!   Giorgio Turrini   Italy

Hola,su musica ha sido para todos estos años,quizas de las mas creativas,donde su alma ha sabido traspasar la frontera de los años y quedar como un sonido fiel,fresco y lleno de amor,por el y por todos los que siempre hemos estado ahi,y que estaremos,descansa en paz MAESTRO

On Saturday, 03-08-30 we were on the "Barry White in memorian Party" from the Discothek "Modernes" in Bremen - Germany. The walls were full of pictures from the King of music and the dancefloor had endless vibrations.   They played many songs and we danced all over the night. It was very fantastic and it was a little magic in the air.   But it was so sad too !!!   Thank you, Barry...for all !   We love you !  

Christin Märtin & Linda - Janine Kaufmann Bremen - Germany 

I'm an San Marino radio Station owner   I want to tell that the music , that mean the soul of The Maestro will never Stop He  will never died is Music and Charisma is unlimited .   Thanks Maestro From San Marino , another State in the world that will never Forget you.   Bye Barry Ciao Maestro dell'amore Barry White .     Marco Arzilli   Radio SM (San Marino)

To The White Family,       When I heard that Barry had passed away, I couldn't believe it.   I have many fond memories of barry's music since the 70's and will continue to enjoy it.  Please know many people were affected by the passing of Barry White and he will be missed.  Please accept my condolences .   Rest in Peace Barry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!                                                                                                                                    

Sincerely,                                                                                                                                   Theresa Falbo

I ,would like to know ,how much I'm sad  of Barry White'dead ,his voice was wonderful ,,I love his music for ever .I offer one's sympathy to his family. Philipe from Belgium  

Philipe Beghein

to the White family and all bw fans everywhere!the news of Barrys death devastated me........the day after i played hismusic in all the rooms of my house and garden! i cried.... i 1st heard of Barryby hearing the record (that is playing in my ears on this my good friendscomputer) "cant get enoughof your love babe, when i was 14, way back in 1974! i hogged the recordplayer at youth club and played and played it. I BECAME A FAN. i have 18 xL.P.s. the 1st l.p. i found was "just another way to say i love you" with track"let me live my life lovin you babe". that track is my all time fav. i had towait to see Barry.......until 1988!! i was 28. in 1989 i had my 1st child!i now have 4 and am encouraging them to respect Barry Whites music too.Barry was with me through all of my important growing up years, all the men in mylife had to have an ear for his music! my mother loves "let the music play"and "you're the 1st the last my everything". my sister 6 years younger grew upwith Barrys music and like me has always been a fan. my mum said i ought tocontact you after such a long dedication to one person - he was my icon. atthe concert i leapt out of my front seat row and beat the bouncers and reachedand kissed Barrys hand, amidst song Barry said "that's nice" and smiled at me -what a gent. what a man. the following is my message to Barry, i hope youall recognise the words ive chosen........Barry,ill never, never give you upbring back my yesterdaywalking in the rain with the one i loveunder the influence of lovei found someonei found lovehard to believe that i found youi cant get enough of your love babeyou see the trouble with me (i cant do nothin without my baby)all because of you babewe got so much to givelet me live my life lovin you babei belong to youi guess im just another girl in love(as the banner i put on the main road outside my house said:) let the musicplay on and on and oni guess you could even say its just another way to say i love youits true yes ill always love youyou're the only one for me, you're my babydont let gowe cant let go of loveyou (made) my life easy livin(you made) it happen babygoodnight my lovekim jex

sherborne uk

my deepest  passion for the family i'm a fan for years have  all records cd's love all of you  

I grew up listening to all of Barry White's music and the orchestra.  I lost my Brother Al 5yrs ago who resembles Mr. White very much.  We use to laugh and sing his songs together and losing Barry White was like dealing with the lost of my brother all over again.  He will be truly missed by everyone and is indeed the greatest of all.  I extend my heart felt sympathy to all his family, friends and fans.  May his music live on in all of us.   Regina Lattier St. Louis, Mo.

First of all god bless the family of Barry white, I to feel as if I have lost a member of my family.  When Barry passed away all my friends and family were phoning me up and saying they were so sorry because they new what a big fan I am. Barrys music was the only music to get into my soul thats why I call him my soul mate.  I did'ant have the chance to meet Barry in person, but I did get really close to him when he was recording a TV show called Stars in their Lives he was about 4 feet away from me, now I wish that I had run over to him kissed him and told him how much I loved him and how much his music meant to me.  I have been a fan for 30years and will be a fan forever.   God Bless u Barry.
Val Valu (England)
The words BARRY WHITE must be included in the Subject line.
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