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I still can't believe this great man is no longer with us, I have been a fan of his since I was 12 I am now 40, he became my hero. His music is played everyday in my house.
My greatest moment was when I was invited to be on stage with him in Stars and there lives, I shall never forget that evening he was awesome, just the best day ever, his photo with my fiancee and me hangs pride of place in my lounge. Thanks for the invite Ms Plummer. I owe you a lot for that special day.

I shall miss him so much.

he was the best singer/writer in the world

Love to all his family

Richard Stiller

Ich bin mit Barry White gross geworden. 1973 konnte ich ihn life in Düsseldorf / Germany erleben. Heute bin ich 43 und immer noch verehrer seiner Musik. Ob ich ganz unter oder ganz oben war, seine Musik war immer mit dabei. Sie hat mich wieder hochgeholt. Heute habe ich einen 10 Jährigen Sohn der ganz begeistert von seiner Bassstimme ist. Da mein Sohn Trompete spielt konnte er erst garnicht glauben das diese Stimme "echt" ist. Er war sehr betroffen als ich ihm vom Tod Barry White´s erzählte. Es ist wie immer im Leben: Die guten gehen manchmal viel zu früh. Mein aufrichtiges Beileid an seine Frau und seine Kinder.
"You a the first, the last, my everthing"

Rest in Peace.

Ralf-Dieter Plaumann
Geldern / Germany


barry white was the man of my life,and he still is longs as i have his music he will always be in my heart,i will that i could met in face to face.i would have gave his wife a run for the money.i just sat there and look at him all the his music is what's going .i will miss him alot,but mrs.white i am so soory about your husband,but god know the best.i am a 47 year old lady.and i am living off of oxygen for the rest of my life but i can say anything,god has been good to me and may god bless and keep.

I am very sorry ,but Barry live in our hearth.stefano

How did I not know that Barry White Died?? I've been a fan for years. I guess when you listen to music most of the time & don't watch television much it's possible.I'm a nurse in Flagstaff, AZ.  I was just listening to the Best Of Barry White & thought to myself, I've got to see him perform at least once in my life only to find out he's gone.

My condolences to the master of love.


I did not know that such a web page existed as I sit here typing this to Barry White's music. There will never be another maestro he was the best. His music was part of the best memories of my life. I have been to many concerts of his in NYC.

Barry White will live forever.

Deborah Montano

Amigo inseparable de mi existencia de mis vivencias no te has ido estas connosotros en nuestro corazon nuestro espiritu estuviste aqui en el Peru en elaño 1977 en mi ciudad natal Chorrillos para un concierto solo pude verte amis 17 años por TV y espere tu regreso para poder verte en persona pero nofue posible aun sigo dejando escuchar tu musica que es gran legado que noshas dejado para todos tus fans en el mundo, y como uno de ellos te doygracias por lo que nos das porque has revolucionado la musica y en cadanueva cancion donde hallo tu estilo musical estas tu, mis condolencias a laFamilia White.

Gracias por siempre, amigo Barry White


Dear friend:

I've cried the dissappear in life of Barry,but his music will be and go on playing and lightning the beautifuls moments of love. My love and condolences for his family even for much people I feel a part of it.  

Claudio Correa Garay   Santiago,Chile.

Dear Peter,   I'm a mexican man and I want to say you that Barry White was part of my youg life. I'm 44 years old now, but I remember all the good moments that I had when I heared his music. Please send my condolences to his family, is a big lost for all included me.  


Luis Cardenas.

Hallo ! Ich bin so traurig ! Es fällt mir schwer etwas zu sagen...aber immerwenn ich die alten Platten von Barry höre muss ich weinen...warum starb er so früh? Warum ? Ich vermisse diesen einmaligen Menschen so sehr !

Mon cher ,BARRY pourquoi ,nous a tu quitter si tôt , j'ai 43 ans et j'écoute ta musique depuis l'âge de 13 ans et je m'en suis jamais lasser , j'ai la chance et le bonheur d'avoir vu tes concerts par 3 fois sur Paris ce fût les beaux moments de ma vie,tu restera a jamais graver dans mon coeur. merci pour toute cette merveilleuse musique sur l'a quelle j'ai dansé de nombreuse fois.     pascal 78 fan francais de versailles

My condolence with Barry White's family.He was the great maestro of the soul music. He made all arrangements andmusics with all his heart and soul.I love his music too much. It brings me back good remembrance.Now he's performing in heaven.

Rest in peace.

Au plus grand chanteur de tous les temps, ces mélodies et sa voieremarquable ne sont pas prêt de nous quitter.Barry restera toujours dans nos coeurs.

Sébastien - France - Toulouse

I love him everytime, is see him live in 1992 and 1999 ...oh god what a

great gift !.....Holger /germany

barry white was an amazing person who will be missed early by anyone whohad the pleasure to hear his velvet tones. he is a great loss not onlyto his fans but to the whole world of music. he lives on in everyone ofus. every time the wind blows we will hear his name. heres to youbarry, we love you.

joe daniel

I always wanted to do this, but was to upset with Barry for leaving us. He died of the same illness my mother had. And I guess it effect me allot. However I would like to say to his family to seek comfort and peace within Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour. We will miss him very much and his music will forever lives in our souls.  

Rest in Peace the Legend.    

George Engelbrecht Vryburg, South Africa.

received all my condolence... life will never be the same now that un genius of the music said good by to her... barry was really the king of the R&B... his name will be write in the gold musical history pages for ever... good bless you barry and thank you very mush for your music and the emotions it gives....bye Kevin, from Belgium in the old world

barry n est pas parti il est juste de l autre cote du chemin .merci  de m avoir donne 39 annees de musique geniale.      

brigitte belgique

To Everybody all over the world!...can`t say any word - it hurt so much.My heartfelt condolences to his family, but`ve never lost HIM, he`s here, in everybody`s heart,all his lyrics on our lips - all over the world.BARRY WHITE - BEST MUSICIAN for my part on this earth.I grew up with the deepest sensitivest voice anybody ever heard.I grew up with these love songs - the love bridge to my man.I grew up with his dreams.My biggest respect for a great man, who realized his dreamsand give us the possibility to walk in his musicland.I wished to visit once again a concert in Germany, but God hashis own rules. I wished so much to hear his song "Mercy Mercy"in live. Many years I search for my favourite song, but .....I`m very sad I couldn`t find it, nobody is able to help me.When I`m gonna to marry "Let the music play" will play andwhen my children - I promise you Barry - they will grow up with you!Don`t forget us - we never do it!

Filiz Olgundeniz

I have loved barrys music and the man for 28 years and my daughter who is 19 was brought up on his tunes. To me he hasnt gone, as my house is filled with his music and will always be.  I have been to a few of his concerts and the memories are still fresh in my mind.  He hasnt left us  he is just in another room waiting for us and his family, who i send my most sincere condolences to and just to let them know we are all with you at this terrible time.

God Bless you all  

Christina and kim (Lancashire, England)

It was heard to believe when I heard it on the news that my favorite singer/composer of all times had died. I still can't believe that he is gone. On that weekend, I cried but paid tribute to the Love God by playing his music over an over. I will be always grateful that I had the chance to see him perform twice - one in Dallas, Texas and the other one, here in Adelaide, Australia. My husband and I have gone separate ways but I am sure that every time he listens to Barry White's songs wherever he is, he thinks of me, for his music was always playing on the special times we shared. In every part of the world I have been to, Bary White was there and I am certain that he will be for as long as his memories play. To everyone in his family -  I was lucky to have him in my heart just like you did and I will keep him alive by playing his music forever.

Val (in Brazil, USA and Australia).

To all Barry White's Family and Friends - I'm sorry for your pain. I know I'm only one of the millions of people who have written but I'm doing this to let you know how he has helped me.  His music has always been there, with me, for over thirty years. In the happy moments I've sung his music at the top of my voice and in the most difficult his music has been comforting. Whatever the situation Barry  White and his music have been there for me - I hope that his friends and family read our messages and can eventually take some comfort in knowing that Barry White has helped people all over the world.

Love from England and Italy

Tengo 21 años he escuchado a Barry White desde aproximadamente 3 años, es una pena que ya no este con nosotros, su música, su voz, Una Gran perdida para Todo el Mundo....!!

Barry Estas en Nuestros Corazones!!

Jorge Ivan Asrrael Palacios Sánchez

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