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Hi there i,m from holland , maastricht when i was twenty i was a dj i played all the records of barry white A great lost for the legendary music Because there will never be made such a good easy listning music As the music of barry white I,ll think also that this music of barry white stays in the memorys of a lot of people Just like john lennon ,george Harrison and elvis presley,frank Sinatra,and barry white  a great performer for me I,ll hope that there will be some good video tapes are saved from concerts of barry white So that they can bring it out on dvd Your  site of barry white  is beautifull the profile site of barry is magnificent Thanks proceed ,and my condoleances to every body includes the family                                                                                            c.burkard  

the man , the maestro made many lovers to be strong
he gave us many beautill tears and hopes that only love
is a theme that has to be over everythig
i´ll miss him all my life he swith my life
good bless this great human and his band
for ever .....barry white !!!!
marco martinez  herrera mexico

To the White family.I just now heard of Barry's passing.I loved Barry White and his music.In fact our 8th grade band had the pleasure of playing Satin soul and Love Unlimited back in 1972.May God rest his soul.Let the music play up there.

Take care.   Dale Gordon West Palm Beach Fla

You are in my thoughts and prayers......Barry,you will be missed by me forever..Your music has made me a better woman.......             

Zan Ray           Austin,Texas

La disparition de Barry White fut un choc énorme,mais pour se consoler nous avons toutes sa superbe musique et surtout sa voix si envoûtante.J'ai eu la chance de le voir deux fois en concert ici à Bruxelles souvenir inoubliable.Je l'ai connus au début des années 80 et j'ai fais quelques émissions de Radio Locale ici à Waterloo ou à chaque émissions je passais deux ou trois chansons de notre copains BARRY WHITE.

Salutations à tous les fans.Stéphane.

the legend lives long as we listen to "THIS LOVE",my wife would always remember him!!!!!!!!!!!!!! rest in-peace,BIG BLACK BARRY

The GREATEST man with BEST voice that I have ever heard I have grown up with listening to his music it's is so relieving Mr. White has been like an idol to me I have listened to his music since the early 70, s Mr. White will live forever in all our hearts he's just like Elvis Presley Barry will always live all my deepest sympathy to all his family Barry I love you and you will be in my heart forever.                                                                                                              Roland

Barry and his music reminded me of my early days with the good music of these days which never come back again like my greatest Barry,but his alive in our souls and hearts .I really lost him ,and all the world too. God bless all of his family and give them  the patiance they need.

Qusay Salman Iraqi living in Sweden.

I love you barry.......merveilleux barry. You are in my heart.

samia amriou, France

I know its been a while since his passing but it still seems hard to comprehend.  I can remember spending hours as a child listening to Barry White' s music through my Uncle's headphones in Washington, D.C.  What a loss for the music world.  Although I feel that Barry never got the recognition he deserved from the major music award shows( Grammy AMA, etc. he never let this stop his progress.  He has sold more records and will continue to sell more records then a number of Grammy or Amercian Music award winners.  

Rest in peace Barry, you deserve it.   J.B. 

I always remember Barry. Forever in love with His music.

 Salvatore Bernocco 




i was listen to some of the cd i have from barry and i was thinking its a waste that the good guys go first . the real musiclovers will miss you a lot . barry , let the music play in heaven .

your dutch fan michel gerard story holland

Barry ! Mein Gott des Soul. Deine Stimme wird mich begleiten bis wir unswiedersehen. Du bist und warst ein Gott. Deine Musik wird ewig leben- bis

ans Ende der Welt ! Dear my Brother !

Je voudrais dire merci à ce maître de la chanson sensuelle ,il ne me manque aucun de ses albums,je suis heureux d'avoir été le voir quatre fois en concert dont un à Gant ou il était venu me serrer la main ,j'en ai d'ailleurs la cassette à la maison que je ne manque pas de regarder, sa voix inoubliable,personne ne saura remplacer ce maître incontesté  de la soul et love music  c'est triste de perdre une personne comme Barry White qui m'a fait rêvé depuis mon jeune âge

Philipe Beghein

To Katherine~To the strong, loving, wonderful woman who stood by Barry's side for thepast several years, my heart and thoughts are with you and your beautifullittle girl. I wish you all the love and positivity during this difficulttime. I know that you were the most important person in his life and youwere the one who showed him unconditional love.My thoughts are with you,


En su ultima visita que el Guru del Genero el Maestro a la Cd de México  en el PREMIER tuve el privilegio de estar en primera fila y poder estrechar la mano de este Gigante la emoción y la electricidad de ese momento es indescriptible. El Maestro se fue fisicamente pero su Obra estara con nosotros por toda la eternidad, por el es el primero, el unico el Gran Guru del Genero. RIP Gran Barry. Juan Carlos Echenique March. 

There will never be anyone with as much class as Barry White. If you werent in the mood Barry's music got you into it.Who needs viagra, just put on some Barry.I was there from the begining, and will be there till the end, I dont know where im going when i die and dont care as long as i get to listhen to the music of Barry White while i'm there.The sad thing is that our future generations will never get to see what a man Barry White was. But the good thing is that his music and unforgetable voice will live on forever. I will always remember him as The Maestro. Thats exactly what he was.Thank you Barry and from my wife Iris and i, may you rest in peace.                                                                                          

Ruben M

New Orleans,La

i remember being a kid at 10 years old i heard the great deep voice of mr.white love mr.white's music i have all of his cds . my heart and prayers go out to mr.white's family its sad that there will never be a voice like that in the world again

Barry estas y estaras en nuestros corazones mientras tu musica siempre vibre en nuetras almas,porque recordar es vivir.y donde estes disfruta de la faz del creador,Dios te tenga en su coro celestial.

                                  Silvio A.Cuadra.

Always in my mind, in my heart. Always loving you.Always waiting to see you and love you in another place in another time. with love. Your endless baby.

Bea. From Italy.

Barry du bist unser liebster Mensch. Du bist nicht mehr unter uns, aber für uns bist Du immer da und wirst es immer sein. Deine Musik ist so einfühlsam, so lebendig und so warm, wie es nur wenige.... keine anderen mehr rüberbringen können. Wir durften Dich einmal live erleben. Gigantisch! So werden wir Dich immer in Erinnerung behalten.
Danke für alles.
Wir freuen uns das nächste Wiedersehen.
Christa und Rainer Glatz aus Böbing, Bayern

Barry your love in music will live forever......... to unite people and nations Rest in peace brother

Michael C. Partridge (South Africa)

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