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BW Unlimited began in 1994 in the Green room of a London TV studio, when Vivienne Plummer, Jeff Staines, Haitch Reid and Pete Old, waited for Barry White to make an appearance. Through our admiration for The Maestro, we felt that Barry's fans had been ill-served by the Fan Clubs he had in the past, and could only recall two short-lived organisations; from the mid-Seventies and early Eighties.

We set about putting that right, and prepared the first BW Unlimited fan pack and Newsletters and from 1995 became the longest-running and only active officially recognised fan organisation in the world. BW Unlimited published newsletters and bulletins for well over two years, until we found that maintaining membership numbers started to become a real financial burden (each of us using our own money to keep things going).

For these reasons decided not to maintain a Subscription-based Fan Club. However, in 1999 we realised that information could be so much more easily provided for anybody interested in Barry's music through the Internet. From that point, Pete Old in conjunction with Peter Klein (Webmaster extraordinaire) have used this non-profit Website to maintain our position as the leading authority on the music and career of the legendary Barry White.

This Website has the most extensive music Discography of Barry White ever published in the world, and now with more illustrations than ever. We always welcome any ideas and suggestions for any of the links on the site.

In addition, we will endeavour to answer any questions relating to Barry White and his music. Our email address is: It is vital you include the words Barry White in the Subject line on all incoming mail; otherwise, it will be deleted automatically before reaching us. We will always include Barry White in the Subject line on Outgoing mail, to enable you to click 'Reply to'. Thank you in advance.

Let the Music Play forever

Pete Old


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The words BARRY WHITE must be included in the Subject line.
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