Patrick'smusic list
* This site is strictly aimed at reliable audio bootleg cdr traders around the world. Everything on this page is for trade only,not for sale! If you have  2000+ titles lists or record live shows(audio or video) and want to trade you can get in contact with me, if not,please don't bother. I have been trading music since 1985 and have hadit with people who only want to buy tapes or have uninteresting stuff fortrade. This takes too much of my time, so those kind of mails will be deletedand not answered! 

Quality indicators
Live tapesCD/LP/EP/Demo
10original CD/LP/EP
9.5great sounding soundboard rec.original demo or excellent quality
9.0good soundboard recgood quality
8.5audience rec. above averagestill listenable, donít expect to much
8.0average audience rec. only for the die hard fan
7.5only for the die hard fannot worth listening to

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