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eXeem™ is a brand new Peer-To-Peer program, which is based on the BitTorrent idea. eXeem™ eliminates the need for trackers as nodes in the program will be taking their role. eXeem™ also features easy publication of files to the network as well as a rating and comments system. eXeem™ contains SPYWARE (for no spyware, check eXeem Lite). eXeem™ is free and is ad-supported. eXeem™ is currently still in its beta testing phase, which means that the network might not be completely stable yet. You are still very welcome to download eXeem and see how it is different from other Peer-To-Peer programs.

In short eXeem™ is the new way of sharing movies, music, applications and others.

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At the moment there are 2 different versions available. The creators of the Lite version are not affiliated with the creators of the Official version. The only difference of the Lite version is that it does not contain spyware.

eXeem™ v0.24 Public Beta


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Reviews or interesting reads - eXeem or eXeem Lite?
He believes �Cydoor adware�with a cookie tracker and a banner� will be packed into the full version of eXeem and on top of that, �The optional adware will pose a further threat to new users, who are unlikely to receive a clear warning about any dangers of the additional files[...]

01-04-2005 - eXeem Review
What I, and many of you will, instantly see is the speed at which eXeem starts up. It is, pleasingly, lightning fast to open [...]

Mitosis Gold: SuprNova's eXeem beta review
The interface was minimal but clean and easy to use and the app only crashed when I was shutting it down. In all, I'd say it looks pretty good

Why eXeem shouldn't be replacing our bittorrent clients
Can we really trust the eXeem developers? Who are they anyway? What is clear is that they are not directly connected to Suprnova. The Suprnova founder is more of a PR guy than a developer of the application. Isn't what this is all about � money? Compared to Suprnova, eXeem has the potential to make a far higher profit margin than a tracker website, and combined with the connection to Suprnova it is possible that many people will try this application, if only to see what all the fuss is about over this Suprnova �replacement�. - BitTorrent leeft voort
"What's in a name?", schreef Shakespeare al, en dat slaat zeker op eXeem. Het wat onfortuinlijk getitelde programma blaast BitTorrent nieuw leven in en maakt downloaden n�g eenvoudiger.



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eXeem News

26.04.2005 - Unable to connect to network?
We have tried to prepare the network for the next update, which will bring many new files to the network and make eXeem better. But we have unexpectedly experienced problems with eXeem's network, which is why most of the people cannot connect. Please keep in mind that we are working on the problem and we will solve it and that this will just bring a better network ;). If you keep your eXeem open, files will republish themselves and network will stabilize itself. Everybody is still welcome to join us on our new forum: eXeem Forum and discuss whatever is on their mind at the moment. Sorry for all the problems that this might have caused you!

19.04.2005 - eXeem Forum is NOW OPEN!!!
After quite some time and quite few promises eXeem is now finally open. You can report bugs, make suggestions on how to improve eXeem, read few tutorials or just chat and make some new friends. You do not have to register to view the forum. Everybody is welcome to join us and help us make eXeem better!

16.04.2005 - Problems when trying to connect?
Many users are experiencing search and refresh problems with newest release of eXeem (version 0.24). This problem is most likely caused by blocked UDP ports by their routers. If you are experiencing this problem try opening UDP ports on you router. If this does not help, you can download and install older version - 0.23 version again. If you are using windows 98 and eXeem will not start, you can download version 0.21 and use it until, the problem with windows 98 compatibility is fixed. If your eXeem will not connect to the network, and you are using Sygate Firewall, you can turn it off until you see eXeem connect and than turn it back on (do this at your own risk), until the solution for this firewall is found.
*Note: eXeem has been downloaded more than 3,000,000 times!

15.04.2005 - eXeem Lite 0.24 - New Version
Some new features and fixes:

12.04.2005 - eXeem version 0.24 released
eXeem version 0.24 has been released, If you are using an old version of the client then auto update might not work. If that is the case, please download full install directly from this site.

28.03.2005 - eXeem Lite 0.23 - New Version

Of course new version mean also new translation: Hebrew, Russian, Danish. Enjoy! Still looking for new translation, if want to translate just contact us.

26.03.2005 - eXeem version 0.23 released
eXeem version 0.23 has been released. This version should fix the slow search and the node problem. For those who were experiencing 5 kB/s limit, even when they were not blocking ads, this should now also be fixed now. eXeem now also supports RSS Feed for new files and has a word filter so that you can filter out all the files that you do not want to see anymore (Add words by accessing Options/Configuration. Changelog:

*Note: Added languages are: Catalan, Hungarian, Polish, Portuguese and Russian.

07.03.2005 - eXeem version 0.22 released
Finaly, after quite some times, eXeem version 0.22 Public Beta has been released. The most important new feature is, that eXeem gets nodes from other nodes. The other new feature is that eXeem is now available in 8 languages. eXeem currently supports the following languages: Dutch, English, Finnish, French, Italian, Slovenian, Spanish and Swedish. We will be adding new languages during next weeks. If you do not know how to change the language, please visit eXeem's FAQ site.

*Note: In order to help eXeem network grow, tell your friends about eXeem! Help the network grow big!

20.02.2005 - Network downtime

28.01.2005 - Update to be released soon
Due to the "node request failed" problem, we will be releasing an updated version of eXeem, which should fix this problem and some other bugs. Updated version will be out in few days.

26.01.2005 - Known Bugs
We have received many emails in the last few days, since eXeem went out, so we have now quite a good list of all the bugs and we also got plenty of good suggestions. Most common bug is, the search bug. When you are searching and you click close, before the search stops searching the network, eXeem stops responding and you have to restart it. The best way to avoid this, is to just wait until the search finishes and then select close. There are also other occasions, when eXeem stops responding, but do they do not happen as often. We are already working on the bugs and we are also implanting many new functions. Thank you all for all your suggestions and bug reports.

23.01.2005 - Network Problems
eXeem's network has been experiencing some problems, which is causing users to be able to receive Nodes from the network. We are working on the bug and will if necessary release an update of the program.

21.01.2005 - Public Beta Release
eXeem� v0.20 Public Beta has been released to the public. Everybody is now able to download it and give it a try before the final version comes out. There are still some bugs that we have not been able to find yet which is why the program is still in Beta Testing. eXeem� Public Beta includes its own network that is based on the BitTorrent idea (uses libtorrent as download component), has searching abilities and other funtions that a Peer-To-Peer program should have.


eXeem is a new file-sharing application being developed by the folks at eXeem is a decentralized BitTorrent network that basically makes everyone a Tracker.

Individuals will share Torrents, and seed shared files to the network. At this time, details and the full potential of this project are being kept very quiet. However it appears this P2P application will completely replace; no more web mirrors, no more bottle necks and no more slow downs.

eXeem will marry the best features of a decentralized network, the easy searchability of an indexing server and the swarming powers of the BitTorrent network into one program. Currently, the network is in beta testing and already has 5,000 users (the beta testing is closed.) Once this program goes public, its potential is enormous.

Since the release is kept quiet, we cannot provide more information in public, so you can move onto our FORUM and see the complete information and more screenshots along with download links.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - eXeem official version

1. What is eXeem™?
eXeem™ is a new Peer-To-Peer program, which uses a similar download and upload component as BitTorrent (libtorrent). eXeem™ removes the need for a tracker and it features its own Peer-To-Peer network. eXeem™ also does not share your whole folder, but only the files that you published to the network.

2. How can eXeem™ be free?
eXeem™ is supported only by ad revenue. This allows the developers to continue making upgrades to the network and enhancing the eXeem client for you.

3. Do I have to pay for eXeem™?
No, eXeem™ is completely free and it can only stay free with ads. This is why, trying to remove the ads will only hurt the future development of the program.

4. eXeem will not connect to the network, am I doing something wrong?
eXeem™ might not connect to the network if you are behind NAT and your ports are not forwarded correctly. The problem might also be, that you have firewall installed and you did not put it on your allow list.

5. Which firewalls has eXeem™ been tested on?
eXeem™ has been tested with the firewalls below and it has proven to work without any problems, if the rules in the firewall were set correctly: Norton Internet Security 2004 & 2005 Zone Alarm Pro McAfee Firewall Tiny Firewall Kerio Personal Firewall Trend Micro Internet Security Outpost Firewall Windows XP Pro SP2 Firewall Panda Platinum 2004

6. Why does eXeem™ stay at "connecting..." in the transfer window?
When this happens, eXeem™ is connecting to the other users to get information about the file it is trying to download. After it connects, it will download metadata which will allow eXeem™ to start downloading the actual file. This can take up to one hour.

7. Why does eXeem™ stay at "awaiting peers" in the transfer window?
This means that there are no other users that are downloading or uploading the file that you want to download. This sometimes happens if there is only one seeder uploading that file, you can wait to see if the seeder returns.

8. What does "metadata" in transfer window mean?
It means that eXeem™ is trying to download details about the file that you are trying to download. Metadata files are usually very small in size.

9. My downloads starts, but then will not finish. Why?
When this happens, you should also see an "awaiting peers" message. This means that all the users uploading or downloading that file have disconnected from that file.

10. Why are my downloads so slow?
There are a number of reasons why your downloads could be slow. Many times the person you are downloading from may not have a very fast connection, so you will only be able to download as fast as he can upload. This will make it seem slow on your end. The best way to fix this is to only download files that have a large number of seeds and peers, because the more people connected to a file the faster you will download.

Another reason you could be getting slow downloads is because you have a router and your ports are not forwarded. Forwarding ports for different brand routers is done differently, so read your routers manual if you are having this problem.

11. How can I improve my eXeem's download or upload speeds?
The best way to improve download and upload speeds is to always connect to the file with the greatest amount of seeders. You can also forward your ports, if you are behind a router, to increase download speed.

12. What Operating Systems does eXeem™ work on?
eXeem™ works without a problem on Windows XP SP2. It also works on Windows 98, ME, 2000. If it does not want to run on 98/ME or 2000, try installing Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 Runtime files from Service Pack 6. There are currently no versions of eXeem™ for Linux or Mac.

13. Do the developers have plans for a Mac OSX or Linux version of eXeem™?
We will start working on a Linux version after the first non beta release of eXeem™ for Windows.

14. Is eXeem™ open source?
No, eXeem™ is not open source.

15. How do files appear on eXeem™?
Files appear on eXeem™ because they are uploaded by other users. The developers have no control over what files get shared on this network. It is each individual user's responsibility to decide which files to download or upload.

16. How come I can not upload something under 1MB? Why can I only Publish a limited amount of files at one time?
There is a minimum 1 MB file pack limit, because we do not want eXeem's network to become filled with small documents, pictures, videos, etc. You can only publish a certain amount of files at the same time, because most users do not have enough bandwidth to upload many files to other users at once.

17. I can not find what I'm searching for. What should I do?
Because eXeem™ is a Peer-to-Peer program, the developers have no control over what files are shared on the network. However, you can try again typing fewer words, and if you have any advanced search options enabled, try deselecting those. If that still does not turn up results, all you can do is wait.

18. Where do files that I download end up on my computer?
Files appear in the Default folder for eXeem downloads which is :\eXeem Downloads. This can be changed in the configuration menu by going to Options then Configuration. Click on the Downloading tab, and then select where you want the files to be downloaded to.

19. Can I get a virus using eXeem™?
Yes, it is possible to get a virus using eXeem because the eXeem developers do not control the content distributed on eXeem™. The best way to avoid viruses using eXeem™ is to read the comments of a file before downloading. Also, look at the files user rating. If it is below 50%, there is most likely a problem with the file. It is also recommended that you obtain an anti-virus program.

20. How can I protect against viruses?
The best way to check against viruses using eXeem™ is to read the comments of a file before downloading. Also, look at the files user rating. If it is below 50%, there is most likely a problem with the file. Future release of eXeem™ will also contain an optional anti-virus and anti-spyware software.

21. What do I do if I find something that I think is inappropriate?
eXeem™ is a Peer-to-Peer software application that allows people to share any files they choose. The developers of eXeem™ have no control over what is shared. It is the responsibility of each individual to participate in responsible and legal sharing.

22. I have found a virus/adult/copyright/damaged/other file on eXeem™, can you please remove it?
eXeem™ is a Peer-to-Peer software application that allows people to share any files they choose. The developers of eXeem™ have no control over what is shared. It is the responsibility of each individual to participate in responsible and legal sharing.

23. How can I manage what my children see on eXeem™?
In eXeem™, click on Options and then Configuration. In the empty box type a password that you would like to use and check the 'Parental protection enabled' box. After you have done that click Apply and OK. The next time that you will run eXeem™, the Adult category should no longer show up.

24. Can I change eXeem's skin?
Yes you can change eXeem™ skin by changing skin folder with skin of your choice. You will soon be able to find many different skins on eXeem's website.

25. Can I make my own skin for eXeem™?
You will soon be able to find tutorials on how to create your own skins for eXeem™ on eXeem's website!

26. How can I uninstall eXeem™?
Uninstalling eXeem™ is simple. Just click on the start menu, and then select Control Panel. Double click on the Add/Remove Programs icon, and then scroll down until you see eXeem™. Click Change/Remove and then follow the prompts.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - eXeem Lite version

1. What is eXlite?
eXlite is a version of the eXeem P2P client based on libtorrent, that does not contain spyware.

2. Does eXlite contain spyware?
eXlite was sorely made to take out the spyware from eXeem so to make it clear eXlite does not contain spyware.

3. Do I need a serial?
No, you DO NOT need a serial to use eXlite, simply close the serial window that pops up on startup.

4. What is the blank window that is displayed when eXlite opens?
This is a bug in version 0.18, it will be fixed in the next release.

5. When is the next release?
The next release does not have a set date. The website will be updated when a new version is released.

6. What do I do if I find a bug?
Use the contact page.

7. Are you associated with eXeem?
We are in no way associated with the official eXeem client or Swarm systems.

8. When will the public version of eXeem be released?
The public release date for the official eXeem client is from the 17th-24th January.

9.Why can't I connect?
If you can't connect then the most common problem is the eXeem network is down. eXeem is not fully decentralized and you still need to connect to server when you first load the program, this server sometimes goes down. This is not eXlite's fault, we can't fix this.

10. Can I use eXlite with linux?
Yes you can, but only when using wine, instructions here.

11. What is the official eXeem website?
the eXeem website is located here, but the official eXeem client does contain spyware!

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