OM 10 instructions

Quartz Data Back instructions

  Instructions for the OM 10 Manual Adapter
Olympus OM 10 Repair (and Service) Manual

A full version of the original OM 10 Service and Repair manual.


Brochure OM10 'Simply Ingenious'
  Olympus Pricelist (Netherlands, 1986)

This is a complete pricelist for Olympus camera products. Prices are in Dutch Guilders (NLG) and including local VAT (17,5 %).

Conversion rates:
1 EURO = 2,20 NLG (1 NLG = 0,45 EURO)
1 USD = 2,55 NLG (1 NLG = 0,40 USD)


You will find most of the available Olympus documentation (including service and repair manuals) here:
Olympus Web Pages at dementia.org

To download instruction manuals and brochures from the official Olympus America website click here:
Brochures and Manuals


Important notice: Olympus will discontinue its 35mm OM SLR system

Olympus will discontinue the 35mm OM SLR system. The company continues to manufacture selected lenses and accessories for the OM System that will remain on sale with limited availability until the end of March 2003. Olympus launched the original OM-1 in 1972 and has developed and sold numerous OM System lenses and accessories. After 30 years, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find stable supplies of parts for the camera system. This has made it impossible to continue to keep the system on the market.

Olympus is committed to providing excellent levels of after sales service for its products, including: Body, Lens, Flash:Olympus will maintain parts for approximately 10 years after the end of production.

Other Accessories:Olympus will maintain parts for other accessories, but time periods differ from part to part.

All the documentation on this site is original Olympus material, scanned by myself. It is just a hobby. There are no commercial purposes. As far as I know there are no copyrights. Olympus and Zuiko are registered trade marks of the Olympus Optical Corporation.

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