Civil marriage entry of Frederik and Marie Sibille at the Bovenkerk in Kampen. Frederik is 27 or 28 (see Oudenbosch document). At that time soldiers were not allowed to marry before the age of 27.

Church marriage entry of Frederik and Marie Sibille in Heusden on 1749-04-16.

Birth entry of twins (gemini) Mathias and Petronilla at Bergen op zoom. Having been named after the suteepere (peter en meter). Mathias Ra(a)s and Petronilla Poelmans (no trace of Mathias Ras yet).
6 month entry permit for Fred(e)rik Ra(a)s who is looking for work in Delft. He has been wounded and is in the "compagnie des invalides" at Klundert. This document shows that there is an elder son Jacobus who is 20 and so is born in 1753 (no actual birth record). Petronilla's twin brother Mathais is not mentioned so he must have died at a young age.
1775 entry in the register of the Oudenbosch cemitary (nearest to Klundert). Frederik died on november 7 at the age of 60.
1783 feb. entry of Maria (Sibille) Guilliams who died at the age of 70 in Bergen op zoom.