1780 Marriage entry in Bergen op zoom of Jacobus and Elizabeth Wagemakers. Jacobus born in Doornik but now living here (Bergen op zoom). The text above 1780 is "Den 11 Juny" which is the 11th of June. There are 2 childeren for which no documents are show, Joanna 1783-11-8 - 1790-6-30 witnisses Johannes Hofman (Klaverstraat 79?) and Joanna Wagemakers. Joannes 1786-5-20 - 1786-7-16.

Birth entry of Fredericus 1781 june 25. Witnisses Henricus Ras and Wilhelmina Hagelers (no trace of Henricus Ras yet). Notice that Jacobus is from (born) tornacensus which is the churchlatin name for Tournai which is the french name for Doornik. There is a Tournai / Doornik in Belgium and there was (at that time) a Doornik / Tournai in the Netherlands, this causes a problem in locating the birth document for Jacobus.
The birth entry of Joannes 1787 june 7. Witnisses Joannes (Baptista) Wijkbergen and Petronilla Ras (most likely the sister of Jacobus).
1790 march 2, birth entry of Petrus in Bergen op zoom. Witnisses Petrus and Elizabeth Wijkbergen.
Death certificate Jacobus naming him Gras, this error is corrected in an extract needed for son Petrus second marriage
During a census in 1787 a record was made of the number of people living in each house of Bergen op zoom. The document below shows de eastside of the Vismarkt. Jacobus is listed as having 3 childeren and 1 women living at number 70. Notice all the familiar names in marriages or as witnisses. Wagemakers (Elizabeth (wife of Jacobus) remarry's with Lindman) Wijkbergen and van der Linden (witnis at the birth of Jacobus his sister Petronella).