All programs by Ronnie Kroonenberg -- virus free !

Go to Noise Reduction program Page many say it is the best! 

DownloadNew program Aug 2008 Focus Forensixx (like Focus Magic) with dedicated increase MTF resolution!


DownloadNew program Hyper contrast enhancement --SPECIAL FUNCTIONS IN IT FOR THIS NEW ALGORITHM updated 17 Juli 2010

DownloadNew program Nov 2008 absolute no noise adding sharp--Nonoise_sharp


All the FREE programs source code on request e-mail -- delphi source

Download3D UPDATED now also without glasses --simulation program -- waves in a 3D box very interesting to watch -- only possible now 2008-- fast computers FREE

Download2DWave Simulator program ripple tank see the waves progress as wave as interferers etc can even take photos.FREE

DownloadSensor comparator see difference in F stop etc between sensors FREE

DownloadLiving spectrum see music in real time notes are playing as on paper FREE

DownloadKepler program Orbit simulator FREE

Download Crypto program No arithmetic but chaos in a 32*32 bit box original algorithm only to crack by brute force for example a Billion year attack.FREE