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* Unfortunetaly, the versions of the CBDB mentioned below are no longer available, therefore the download links are removed. The good news is that I'm still maintaining the database and this website, so trimmed-down (but up-to-date) copys of the CBDB in MS Access are still possible. Just contact me (button on the left) if you have any questions.

Initial Setup and Database Images

The CBDB application was delivered in several different formats depending on the user's resources and preferences. The program was written in Microsoft Access 2002 so any user who already possessed a compatible language module (Office 2002, 2003, 2007, or Access 2002, 2003, 2007) could download just the databases and use his/her existing copy of MS Access to open the CBDB.mdb file.

There were three databases within the CBDB:
CBDB.mdb: The operational program intelligence (still available)
DBData.mdb: The file that contains the song and sources data (still available)
Images.mdb: The file that contains the cover art images (no longer available)

For those users who did not own one of the above Microsoft products there was a stand-alone version that provided a copy of the runtime Access engine as well as the necessary data. (An appropriate license from Microsoft was owned to distribute the files.)
Setup instructions within the setup utility were in the English language, but both Dutch and German language versions were compiled as well.


The collection of nearly 4,000 cover art images at the time of compiling the CBDB placed great strains on computer resources. These images required over 1 GB of hard drive storage and certain users would have preferred to not include this element because of the size requirements. For this reason the database was delivered without images, but the images could be downloaded and added at a later time.

Download area

Program Components:

Users of MS Access 2002, 2003 and 2007 (see note at top of the page)

Stand-Alone version (no longer available)


Screenshots of the Child Ballad Database

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